Melanie - Home remedies for verruca removal

Are there any home remedies that ensure positive results in verruca removal?

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Plantar warts or verrucae can respond to different types of treatment, although, some of them tend to disappear on their own but it can take up to two years in order for this to happen and some can develop a resistance to some forms of treatment. Verrucae are also highly contagious, being spread by person-to-person contact, by using communal showers, walking bare foot in gyms and in other public places also causing the sufferer great pain and discomfort, making the simplest of actions like walking unbearable.

The home remedies you can try in order to remove plantar warts from your feet are varied. These include soaking a cotton ball in vinegar (white wine or apple cider), apply it to the wart and secure in place with some duct tape or band aid, before going to sleep, removing and washing the area in the morning, this process should be repeated for at least two weeks.

Another home remedy is by using Thuja oil or tablets, one tablet a day (30 c strength), or by applying the oil to each verruca. You can also try a combination of oil and tablet, since it is plant-based, it has no side effects. Other oils recommended for verrucae removal are: pure tea tree oil, oregano oil or lemon oil, which you apply to the wart and cover with a band aid.

Banana peel is yet another common home remedy recommended for plantar wart or verruca removal, implying that you have to cut off a square piece of the banana peel and place the softer side on the wart and tape it in place, repeating this process as many times as necessary. Furthermore, onion juice is thought to be an effective home remedy for verrucae removal. You have to crush the onion and apply the juice onto the surface of the wart as often as possible.

The last efficient home remedy is duct tape, the principle is the same as with banana peel, cut a small piece and place it over the verrucae, leaving it there for six days. Remove the tape on the seventh day, soak the wart to soften it and rub away any dead cells with a foot file or pumice stone, leave alone for the night and repeat the process the second day.

You can also try a combination of these methods such as using a pumice stone to exfoliate the wart, after which you soak the foot in warm water with vinegar. After drying it, put two drops of any of the oils mentioned above on the verruca and place a piece of duct tape over it. Repeat as often as necessary.

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