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What does radiosurgery imply with mole removal and what are the benefits of radio surgery that makes it more efficient than other mole removal procedures?

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Radiosurgery is highly efficient in terms of mole removal but not only. Over the years, the specialists have developed this technique and accumulated experience in its application, trying to gradually minimize risks and side effects.
Nowadays, in radiosurgery, radio waves are the ones doing the cutting, a scalpel or major incisions being no longer necessary. The procedure uses high frequency and low temperature radio waves, which means that the tissues do not suffer any burns as with electrosurgery or laser. Moreover, these radio waves superficially penetrate the skin (0.02 mm) affecting the adjacent tissues to a very small extent: 25 times less than the laser technique and 50 times less than electrosurgery. A superficial alteration of the peripheral tissues implies a greater precision and faster downtime and healing.

Radiosurgery facilitates, accelerates and improves surgical procedures, is efficient in the mole removal having superior cosmetic results, the tissue removal is made at a superficial skin level, the scarring risks are minimal, it is painless, doesn't require sutures, doesn't cause any bleeding, swellings or post-operative infections and ensures a fast and efficient healing process. Mole removal has never been simpler and safer!

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