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How can be Fordyce Spots effectively removed? Are there several available procedures for Fordyce Spots removal?

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Fordyce spots are an asymptomatic and harmless skin condition which is common in both men and in women. Although they are not sexually transmissible, many people desire to remove them since they consider them to be highly unaesthetic. At Renew Skin & Health Clinic we offer you four efficient solutions for your Fordyce spots removal and you can undergo one of them after consulting our specialists.

The only invasive procedure against Fordyce spots is the micro-punch excision surgery which consists in cutting out the spots one by one and stitching them right away. On the non-invasive spectrum of solutions there is the radiosurgery treatment for your Fordyce spots removal, an electrodessication procedure which makes use of high frequency energy and low temperatures to eliminate the spots. Moreover, a CO2 laser therapy is also available to help you get rid of your skin condition. This procedure aims at removing Fordyce spots by using high-intensity laser beams and immediately cauterizing the affected area, without causing any damage to the healthy skin. Last, but not least, you can also undergo cryosurgery which aims at freezing the Fordyce spots with liquid nitrogen, causing them to blister, crust and fall off.

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