It is increasingly difficult to satisfy the aesthetic demands of modern society, especially when we are surrounded by fast food and other forms of high calorie cuisines. In countries like the United Kingdom and the United States, the issue of weight gain is becoming increasingly serious as more and more of us are categorized as being clinically obese. Fortunately for us, medical science has reached the point in which it can enable us to control the shape and the state of our body. In order to help people that are not pleased with the shape of their body, Renew Skin & Health Clinic now provides great liposuction in Coventry.

Liposuction, also known as lipoplasty or lipo, is a surgical procedure which allows the cosmetic surgeon to remove the excessive fat from different areas of the human body through a small incision in the patient’s skin by using a cannula and a special aspirator. The procedure can be performed on several areas of the body, including the abdomen, the outer thighs, the back, the hips and the breasts. A very large quantity of fat tissue can be extracted from under the skin, approximately 50 pounds being reported as the maximum, though a thinner appearance can be obtained by removing far less. By using this effective body reshaping technique, an experienced plastic surgeon can not only achieve effective body fat removal, but also correct the anatomical proportions and enhance some of the positive features of the patient’s body, thus improving his/her appearance. Liposuction in Coventry is performed within a sterile and controlled environment, drastically decreasing the chances of infection, allergic reactions or damage to the skin. The experienced cosmetic surgeons of Renew Skin and Health Clinic have consistently obtained excellent results with liposuction and are ready to help you improve both the state of your health and appearance. While undergoing liposuction in Coventry is a great method of improving some aesthetic aspects, it can also improve the health of the patient by lowering the levels of triglyceride in the bloodstream.

The experience of the cosmetic surgeon and his medical staff is essential for the success of the lipoplasty procedure. It is worth investing some time and effort into identifying a proper liposuction clinic and a skillful medic before actually deciding to undergo the procedure. Generally, if the procedure is conducted correctly, the patient will have to undergo a recovery period of a week or two after which he/she can return to work. During this period, a compression garment will be worn on the treated area and pain medication will be prescribed by the medic if needed. Any swelling and numbness should subside after a few weeks, leaving the operated area flat and even. If you choose to undergo liposuction in Coventry for fat removal at Renew Skin & Health Clinic, we can guarantee that you will enjoy excellent results based on the experience and dedication of our staff and our history of consistent positive outcomes, so feel free to schedule your appointment at our Head Office.