Warts and Verrucae (plantar warts) are local growths that form in the skin which unfortunately appear as very unaesthetic skin growths resulted from an infection with the human papillomavirus (HPV). There are more than 100 types of human papillomaviruses and some of those affect even the genital areas resulting in genital warts. At Renew Skin & Health Clinic, you have the chance to discover your skin condition at an early stage and follow a warts removal and Verrucae removal treatment, which will leave your skin smooth and healthy using various safe and efficient treatment methods.

It is important to know that warts and verrucae (plantar warts) are easily transmissible by direct skin contact with a human papillomavirus, which means that you infect yourself and others sharing towels, razors and other personal items as well as through sexual intercourse and close intimate contact.

People suffering from warts appealed to Renew Skin & Health Clinic’s professional services and were highly satisfied with the results of the CO2 laser treatments and Nd:Yag laser treatment performed by our experienced cosmetic specialists. There are different types of warts just as there are many different types of HPV strains but the most familiar types are those dome-shaped warts on the back of the fingers, toes and knees, the plantar warts found on the sole of the foot or verrucae, flat warts, Periungual warts around the nails and Filiform warts.

The most recommended and the most efficient wart and verrucae removal treatments performed at Renew Skin & Health Clinic are the CO2 laser treatment and the Nd:YAG laser removal. The CO2 laser treatment for foot wart removal is designed to follow a very precise and flexible approach towards the targeted affected areas. Depending on the condition of your verrucae, our dermatologists can set the appropriate intensity for the laser in order to provide the best removal results. The CO2 laser treatment for verrucae removal is a noninvasive, painless and scar-free removal treatment, which is necessary for those who have painful or uncomfortable sensations related to their verrucae affection. This form of laser treatment provides efficient results, leaving a flawless and scar-free skin thanks to the high accuracy of the laser beam targeted on the affected spots. The healing process takes maximum two weeks and the cosmetic specialists of Renew Skin & Health Clinic are going to recommend you appropriate post-intervention creams and homeopathic remedies.

Another successful wart and verrucae removal treatment is the Nd:Yag laser therapy which destroys the virus that causes the wart then eliminates the blood supply that nourishes the wart causing a blister to form which will heal and peel in 7-14 days. At Renew Skin & Health Clinic, a wart removal treatment with the Nd: YAG laser usually takes 1 to 4 treatment sessions for achieving optimal results and it’s worth mentioning that the treatments are performed every 4 weeks. After each treatment session, the dermatologists of Renew Skin & Health Clinic advise you to use ice and chilled gels in order to reduce the most common side effects such as redness and swelling. If you decide to have a Nd:Yag treatment for warts and verrucae removal at Renew Skin & Health Clinic, then you need to know that this procedure has very small pain levels close to the feeling of a small snapping rubber band for which the specialists will provide you a numbing (anesthetic) cream. The whole wart removal and verrucae removal laser procedures will be comfortable and you won’t feel any discomfort, neither during or after the Nd:YAG, nor the CO2 laser treatments.

Please feel free to book a consultation at Renew Skin & Health Clinic for more information regarding the wart and verrucae removal treatments with CO2 laser and Nd:YAG laser procedures where you will also benefit from a fully professional examination of your skin condition.