Women in Birmingham suffering from the painful and extremely distressful vulvodynia condition can now find a safe, professional and highly effective solution in the treatments ensured at Renew Skin and Health Clinic by fully qualified specialists, among whom we mention Dr. Amgad R Habib MBBCh, MSc, MRCOG and Consultant. Dr Habib completed his training in Genito-Urinary Medicine in West Midlands Hospitals and has been appointed as a Consultant in GUM since 2004. His main interest is treating skin conditions in male and female genital area including warts treatment and various STIs, and specialises in vulvar painful conditions (vulvodynias and dyspareunia).

Vulvodynia is a genital condition implying chronic vulvar pain that affects women regardless their age (starting from the teen years) and which has no apparent cause, being only recently recognized by specialists as a real pain syndrome. Vulvodynia affects the external genital organs, causing pain in the vulva, labia, clitoris and vaginal opening. If left untreated, vulvodynia can alter women’s lives to a great extent, impairing their ability to exercise, socialize, have intercourse and even work, triggering emotional and psychological consequences.

Most women suffering from vulvodynia describe the symptoms as burning, stinging, rawness or soreness, aching and itching sensations. There are two main subtypes of vulvodynia, namely: generalized vulvodynia which implies pain occurring in different areas and at different times, constantly or once in a while, with the possibility of touch or pressure to prompt it or not; and vulvar vestibulitis syndrome which localizes the pain in the vaginal opening or the vestibule, where the pain is characterized through a burning sensation but is ONLY triggered by touch or pressure, generally during intercourse (superficial or deep dyspareunia).

Although there is no well-determined cause for vulvodynia, specialists refer to a few possible causes such as hormonal changes, muscles spasms, frequent antibiotic use, nerve injury or trauma, history of sexual abuse, allergies or irritation to certain chemicals or fabrics, genetic factors that cause a poor response of the vulva to chronic inflammation or hypersensitivity to yeast infections.

Prior to any treatment recommendation for vulvodynia, our specialist or gynecologist will always perform a consultation based on the experienced symptoms, a pelvic examination and the assessment of your medical and sexual history as well as your current health condition to determine an exact cause which will set an accurate diagnosis. Our genito-urinary Consultant, Dr. Amgad R Habib prefers a multidisciplinary approach and will customize the vulvodynia treatment according to the condition’s severity and your individual system, as no singular treatment will have the same outcomes in every individual suffering from vulvodynia, taking into account that there are so many possible factors that may cause it. A combination of treatments will generally ensure the best results, that’s why we take every detail into account, preventing in this way possible risks or complications regarding the vulvodynia treatment.

The specialized treatments for vulvodynia may include:
• self-care measures such as avoiding contact with irritant substances or fabrics, avoid hot tubs and pool chlorine, use unscented and dermatologically approved soaps, pads or tampons, perform regular and appropriate personal hygiene procedures, etc.
• medication: local anesthetics, topical estrogen creams, tricyclic antidepressants, nerve blocks or interferon injections;
• therapy: physical therapy to strengthen the pelvic muscles and thus lessen muscle spasms, biofeedback for the relaxation of the vaginal muscles in order to relive the pain
• surgery: in the case of vulvar vestibulitis syndrome, the painful tissue is surgically removed to lessen the pain, if none of the other methods have brought any improvement.

Contact us at our Renew Skin & Health Clinic Head Office on 01926 422454 to get further information on the vulvodynia consultation or treatment. Dr. Amgad R Habib is at your disposal with professional advice and treatments that will help you overcome this extremely painful and bothersome genital condition so you can resume your normal activities free of pain!