Vitiligo and psoriasis are skin pigmentation disorders that can affect any area of our bodies. Close to 35% of the population is known to be suffering from one of these unaesthetic skin conditions that can cause serious damage, not to mention the aesthetic distress that comes with them. Fear not our Renew Skin & Health Clinic is at your disposal with the amazingly effective DEKA Excilite laser therapy for vitiligo skin repigmentation treatments and psoriasis treatments in Milton Keynes, performed by highly trained practitioners.

Vitiligo manifests through white patches of skin caused by pigment loss in various parts of the body, with a greater incidence in the sun-exposed areas. Vitiligo doesn’t have a well-determined cause, however it is believed that it is an autoimmune disease that attacks melanocytes, thus triggering the lack of skin pigmentation. Vitiligo affects approx. 2% of the world population, with a higher incidence in dark-coloured people, but regardless of race, this skin condition causes great psychological discomfort. Like psoriasis, vitiligo also affects people before the age of 40 and may run in the family, having a higher chance of appearance with those suffering from other autoimmune conditions such as thyroid diseases.

Psoriasis is another autoimmune skin condition, a chronic inflammatory skin disease which although cannot be cured, it can be treated. It manifests through unaesthetic plaques of thickened, scaling skin which is the result of rapid skin cell growth triggered by abnormal blood lymphocytes. Psoriasis usually affects the skin of the scalp, knees and elbows, presenting both mild and severe forms of the disease, improving or worsening with time, or simply alternating. Sufferers have noticed a constant worsening of psoriasis during the cold season and with increased stress levels. Psoriasis is usually diagnosed in early adult years, and can appear in various forms, ranging from red patches and lesions to white blisters and painful redness with severe itching symptoms.

At our Renew Skin & Health Clinic we have been using the revolutionary DEKA Excilite laser therapy to treat the symptoms of Vitiligo and psoriasis, achieving successful results in 98% of the cases. Being non-surgical, minimally invasive and providing practitioners with a highly accurate and precise target of even the most inaccessible areas of the body, the DEKA Excilite laser therapy for vitiligo treatment and psoriasis treatment in Worcester is a life-improving procedure that works wonders in a simple way. The innovative Monochromatic Excimer Light (MEL@308 nm) of the DEKA Excilite is a selective phototherapy that ensures intervention even on the most delicate areas such as the face, as it reduces burns and erythema. There may be several sessions involved, nevertheless, the innovative DEKA Excilite phototherapy requires the fewest treatment sessions among all other non-surgical approaches.

If you want to safely, quickly and effectively eliminate the highly bothersome symptoms of vitiligo and psoriasis, you are welcome to contact our Renew Skin & Health Clinic to schedule an appointment with our doctor specialist and, following a specialized consultation, undergo a non-surgical DEKA Excimer laser therapy for vitiligo treatment or psoriasis treatment in Worcester. The effectiveness of the DEKA Excimer phototherapy is absolutely amazing and ensures successful results in 98% of cases, that’s why if there is no improvement, we offer you full refund.