At Renew Skin & Health Clinic we are aware of the great psychological distress and discomfort caused by the symptoms of vitiligo and psoriasis, that is why we put at your disposal a non-surgical and highly effective solution that will change your life for the better, repigmentating those white patches caused by vitiligo and reducing and removing those flaky red plaques caused by psoriasis with no risks and minimized side-effects. This amazing and revolutionary vitiligo treatment and psoriasis treatment in Leamington Spa is called the DEKA Excilite-µ laser phototherapy.

The exact causes of vitiligo are unknown, but it might appear due to the malfunction of your immune system or it can be hereditary. You suffer from vitiligo when the melanocytes in your body stop producing melanin, which is the pigment that gives color to your eyes, skin and hair. More information about this skin disorder, but more important, about the vitiligo DEKA Excilite laser treatment in Leamington Spa will be received at our Renew Skin & Health Clinic during the specialized vitiligo consultation.

Psoriasis is another autoimmune skin condition, a chronic inflammatory skin disease which although cannot be cured, it can be treated. It manifests through unaesthetic plaques of thickened, scaling skin which is the result of rapid skin cell growth triggered by abnormal blood lymphocytes. Psoriasis usually affects the skin of the scalp, knees and elbows, presenting both mild and severe forms of the disease, improving or worsening with time, or simply alternating. Sufferers have noticed a constant worsening of psoriasis during the cold season and with increased stress levels. Psoriasis is usually diagnosed in early adult years, and can appear in various forms, ranging from red patches and lesions to white blisters and painful redness with severe itching symptoms.

DEKA  Excilite-µ laser therapy for vitiligo treatment in Leamington Spa ensures the repigmentation of your skin affected by this condition, through the phototherapy laser’s action upon the melanocytes. Moreover, this non-surgical laser therapy for treating vitiligo in Leamington Spa is highly selective, allowing our doctor specialist to act even on larger depigmented or previously unreachable areas, reducing the cumulative dose administered to the patient.

With the DEKA Excilite-µ laser therapy for psoriasis treatment in Leamington Spa, the monochromatic Excimer light (MEL@ 308 nm) infiltrates both at an epidermal and dermal level and affect the proteins causing the inflammation and rapid skin cell growth, reducing it and thus eliminating and significantly preventing the formation of those bothersome and in some cases itching red plaques of flaky skin.

We chose to provide the DEKA Excilite-µ laser therapy for treating vitiligo and psoriasis in Leamington Spa due to the advantages ensured by this revolutionary and innovative laser technology. As compared to other EVB phototherapy, DEKA Excilite-µ laser will restore well-being in just a few shorter sessions, providing successful cosmetic results in 98% of the cases. The fact that this laser therapy for the vitiligo treatment in Leamington Spa is targeted and highly selective, allows us to act only upon the depigmented patches, without altering in any way the surrounding healthy tissues, being highly effective for more delicate areas, such as the face and reducing possible burns and erythema to a minimum or preventing them altogether. 

If you are suffering from these skin conditions, the specialists at Renew Skin & Health Clinic recommend you to contact us as out Head Office in Leamington Spa to benefit from the psoriasis treatment and vitiligo treatment with DEKA Excilite-µ laser therapy. Improve your life and get rid of this unaesthetic skin condition affecting your social interactions.

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