You have probably heard or even seen cases of vitiligo and psoriasis which are noncontagious skin disorders that can damage your self-esteem because they can be highly unaesthetic. Approximately 35% of the population is known to be suffering from these two conditions that can affect any area of your body.

You can try certain treatments in order to improve the unaesthetic look of the affected areas of your skin, but neither vitiligo, nor psoriasis can be cured. These noncontagious skin disorders can affect your self-esteem, make you want to isolate from the rest of the world and even depress you. At Renew Skin & Health Clinic we have experienced practitioners who perform vitiligo and psoriasis DEKA Excilite laser treatment in Leicester which is effective in 98% of the cases.

If you notice that white spots have appeared on your skin, you might be suffering from vitiligo. The skin depigmentation is caused by the destruction of melanocytes, the cells that contribute to the formation of the pigment that gives color to your hair, eyes and skin, also called melanin. But the exact cause of this destruction is unknown. It could be due to an autoimmune disease, exposure to certain industrial chemicals, stress, long exposure to the sun or it can be hereditary. Vitiligo affects 2% of the population, usually developing between the ages of 10 and 30 years.

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease represented by the appearance of white, silvery or red patches on your skin, due to the fact that it interferes with the skin cells’ normal cycle, causing them to build-up on the skin’s surface faster than usual. Psoriasis can’t be cured, but there are treatments that can prevent the skin cells’ rapid growth. These red or white scaly patches can be itchy and affect your joints. Smoking, stress, certain medications, obesity, infections or cold weather are some factors that can trigger psoriasis.

If you suffer from either one of these two noncontagious skin disorders, you definitely have to contact an experienced practitioner. At our Renew Skin & Health Clinic you will be treated properly and given a specialized consultation during which the specialists will ask you a few questions that require accurate responses regarding your medical history and the medications you are taking at the moment so they can determine if supplementary tests are needed.

Once the specialists have established that you can beneficiate from a repigmentation vitiligo laser treatment in Leicester, you will be prepared for the DEKA Excilite laser therapy that is available for anyone living in Leicester. This repigmentation laser treatment’s main goal is to bring back the natural color on your skin with the help of a controlled, precise wavelength of UVB light from an excimer laser. The cosmetic vitiligo or psoriasis treatment in Leicester is performed after an anesthetic has been applied on the affected areas of your skin. There are more than one session required in order to get better results, risks and side-effects being reduced to a minimum or being non-existent.

Vitiligo and psoriasis DEKA Excilite laser treatments in Leicester, performed at Renew Skin & Health Clinic by experienced practitioners are highly effective in 98% of cases. But if you, by any change, get to be included in the 2% that doesn’t notice any improvement, we offer you full refund.