This video presents the high efficiency of the TC3000 thermo coagulator device available at Renew Clinic for the safe, quick and painless treatment for facial, leg and body thread veins and spider veins removal. Although harmless, these thread veins can become highly distressful from a cosmetic point of view, being impossible to remove with classic sclerotherapy procedures. The TC3000 treatment operates on a thermo coagulation principle, that heats up the enlarged veins from within, causing it to coagulate and disappear instantly. As shown in the video, the TC3000 needles vary in size, depending on the location of the thread veins to be removed, but are extremely fine, the R3i for the face measuring 0.08 mm and the R6i for the body measuring 0.15mm.

As stated before, the results are immediate and permanent, the TC3000 being applicable to any skin type, any area on the body, even the most sensitive and has absolutely no side-effects. If you are dealing with the unaesthetic thread veins on your face or body, contact our Renew Skin & Health Clinic to benefit from the revolutionary and highly versatile TC3000 thread veins removal treatment and enjoy a flawless skin!

Before After Results for Medical Cosmetic Treatments