Warts and verrucae are painless, most of the times harmless and asymptomatic growths on the skin caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). This virus infects the skin’s outer layer (epidermis), leading to the rapid growth of the skin cells. In other words, the high amount of keratin produced leads to the rough texture of a wart. They can have various shapes, can appear on different areas of your body and can have several causes. They should not be, however, mistaken with genital warts which can be sexually transmitted, because they are caused by other HPV strains from a total of 100.

Warts and verrucae are non-cancerous bumps, although some can look very ugly and considered dangerous, that is why it is imperative that at the first sign of such bumps you have to contact your dermatologist to analyze the situation. At Renew Skin & Health Clinic there are professionally trained specialists who will give you the proper care and treatment after a specialized consultation that will determine the nature of your skin bumps.

You can suffer from common warts, flat (plane), periungual, subungual, plantar or filiform warts. The environments that are most likely to affect your skin and causing you warts and verrucae are public showers, swimming pool areas or locker room floors. They are not considered highly contagious, but you have to be very careful, because it can be very easy to get diseases from others just by using the same towel they used or by touching other objects that have touched their skin first. Plantar warts are also called verrucae and can develop on any part of your foot, but they usually appear on the soles of your feet.

You are likely to get warts or verrucae if you work in an butchery, or if you have to handle meat every day as a part of your job.  Also, if you take medicines in order to improve your immune system you are most likely on the road to developing warts and verrucae.

As warts grow, it becomes more and more difficult for you to walk, not to mention if you love practicing sports and you want to go for a run. The pressure applied on the verrucae from standing or running makes it penetrate the skin layers, leading to the development of a tougher skin over it. Sometimes they have a black dot in the center which is actually a blood vessel and they are flat rather than raised. Verrucae can spread from one part of your body to another if you are not careful enough with your personal hygiene.

Most verrucae are known to disappear on their own after a while, but that doesn’t actually happen in all cases. Some can last up to 2 years or even more, that’s why it’s important that you contact our Head Office at Renew Skin & Health Clinic for more information and immediate assistance, because the professionally trained specialists will assess your medical history and run all the tests needed to find out which verruca removal treatment best suits your skin’s needs and we guarantee you positive results in a short period of time.