Video interview with Dr. Jha from Renew Skin & Health Clinic on general information about verrucae or plantar warts on the feet and the most efficient verruca removal treatment and its development at our clinic. Dr. Jha clearly and in detail explains the causes of warts and verrucae, which are caused by specific strains of the HPV or Human Papillomavirus and their development in time. Verrucae can either disappear on their own, or aggravate and become very painful when walking or standing, requiring thus immediate removal.

There are various verrucae removal treatments available, such as liquid nitrogen freezing, topical treatments, salicylic acid, but these only affect the top layer of the verruca and require more sessions, whereas the CO2 laser vaporisation therapy for verruca removal requires only one session in most cases, is painless, lasts maximum one hour and can ensure removal of several clusters, destroying the wart completely and restoring the normal skin of the foot.