Both men and women desire to preserve or restore their youthful skin tone and texture. The market is saturated with cosmetic products meant to clear wrinkles, hydrate and nurture our facial and body skin. As we get older, however, the skin loses its tightness and is more prone to developing creases or wrinkle lines.  Some people even appeal to cosmetic surgery and facelifts to combat the effects of ageing. The vampire PRP facial and body treatment in Leamington Spa may be a more appropriate solution for people looking for a non-surgical way of rejuvenating facial and body skin. Renew Skin & Health Clinic now offers this easy and successful treatment option for tighter skin and reduced wrinkles.

Originally used for a quicker recovery after orthopaedic surgery, PRP or platelet-rich plasma is a very efficient way of promoting healing and rejuvenation. It was later found to have very broad possible applications, especially in cosmetic treatments. Renew Skin & Health Clinic now provides patients in Leamington Spa and not only, with this quick and efficient treatment which promotes healthy and young-looking skin. Prior to the treatment, a medical consultation will be carried out to determine if the patient is eligible for the procedure. Medical history will also be examined so we can cater to each patient in the best possible way.

The idea behind platelet-rich plasma is that our bodies have the necessary resources to heal and revitalise our skin. Platelets are cell fragments found in our blood stream that contain many growth and clotting factors. When applying the Vampire PRP facial and body treatment in Leamington Spa, our specialists will extract a small quantity of blood from the patient and run it through a centrifuge. This will separate the plasma and platelets from the other blood components. We will then inject the PRP solution into the skin that we want revitalized. The growth factors will trigger better vascularisation, collagen formation and overall healing and rejuvenation of the skin. For your maximum comfort, our experts at Renew Skin & Health Clinic will apply a topical cream to numb the area. The needle used to inject the platelet rich plasma in very small, reducing or nullifying the risk of scar formation.

One of the best features of the vampire PRP facial and body treatment in Leamington Spa is its complete compatibility. Since the injected solution is derived from the patient’s own blood, there is no risk of it being rejected by the organism. Likewise, the chance of an allergic reaction is non-existent. With cosmetic surgery, the downtime can be quite long and there is always a chance of complications. With the PRP therapy, you don’t have to worry about that. Sessions last only a few minutes ensuring minimal discomfort and stress for patients.   

Call Renew Skin & Health Clinic and enquire about our cosmetic facial and body treatments. Our specialists are experienced in applying the procedure with little to no pain and scarring. Cosmetic expectations will be discussed with every patient to determine the number of sessions and the locations that will receive treatment.  All you have to do to restore youthfulness and promote a tight skin is call our head office in Leamington Spa and book an appointment for our quick, minimally invasive skin treatment.