Women are often dealing with low self-esteem and can develop depression due to a low sex drive that can occur for many reasons such as menopause, childbirth, genital conditions or even sexual disorders. Based on a recent research, just 14% of women suffering from sexual disorders such as Female Orgasmic Disorder or Female Sexual Arousal Desire feel confident enough to resort to specialised treatment. 

Here at Renew Skin & Health Clinic, we believe that it is important to seek out specialised help so that these types of problems do not affect your mental or emotional state. Due to a highly innovative procedure, you can now opt for the vaginal rejuvenation PRP O-Shot treatment in Rugby, which will guarantee optimal results so that female patients can feel good about themselves and enjoy intercourse as they once did. After a consultation and a proper examination, the physicians will decide whether or not you are a suitable candidate to undergo the vaginal rejuvenation with PRP O-Shot treatment in Rugby.

The PRP or Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy was implemented by surgeons who performed orthopedic joint operations. This PRP-based therapy ensured an accelerated healing process and because it is compatible with each patient, it does not present any complications or risks. A small quantity of blood is extracted from the patient and after a centrifugation process, the platelets are isolated from the white and red cells.

The platelet-rich plasma obtained is injected into the targeted areas. Prior to the shot, the specialist will use a special anesthetic containing a combination of benzocaine, lidocaine, and tetracaine, so that you won’t feel any pain during the procedure. The injection can be used for the inner parts of the labia, around the G-spot or even the clitoral and urethral glands, this depending on your condition.

The PRP O-Shot treatment for vaginal rejuvenation in Rugby is a simple, non-surgical procedure that will enhance your sexual arousal and will also allow you to feel the orgasm at a higher intensity. There is no downtime required after the O-shot, so you can resume your daily activities. There are other significant advantages that come with the PRP vaginal rejuvenation O-Shot treatment in Rugby such as the production of collagen, an improved blood flow, tissues growth and even the complete healing of urinary incontinence.

If you are in need of a vaginal rejuvenation PRP O-shot treatment in Rugby because you suffer from any of the abovementioned conditions, do not hesitate to contact the Renew Skin & Health Clinic Head Office and find out more information on this topic. You can be sure that you will be treated with finesse and discretion by our experienced and qualified specialists.