Giving birth, suffering from genital conditions or other sexual dysfunctions such as dyspareunia may lead to a poor emotional state and even severe depression for some women. At Renew Skin & Health Clinic, our physicians encourage women who suffer from such conditions to opt for the painless and non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation PRP O-Shot treatment in Coventry.

The vaginal rejuvenation O-shot treatment in Coventry is an innovative cosmetic procedure based on a Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy, which had been previously used to improve the healing process after orthopedic joint operations. Because this therapy is based on the patient’s own blood, there are no complications or unpleasant side-effects to worry about. Through centrifugation, platelets will be separated from the red and white cells. Because the platelet-enriched plasma contains proteins and growth adjutants, the healing process will be accelerated, allowing your tissues to regenerate faster.

The O-shot also known as the Orgasm Shot PRP treatment for vaginal rejuvenation in Coventry requires painless injections into the vaginal areas. Our specialists at Renew Skin & Health Clinic advise future candidates to request a consultation before the procedure. Also, based on your medical records and current health state, the specialists will determine whether or not you are a viable candidate for the vaginal rejuvenation PRP O-Shot treatment in Coventry.

Before proceeding with the injection, the patient will receive a BLT anesthetic, which ensures that the procedure runs smoothly and pain-free. Afterwards, the platelet-rich plasma will be injected in the targeted areas (inner parts of the labia, urethral glands) depending on each patient’s condition and need for this vaginal rejuvenation cosmetic procedure. Tissue growth, as well as improved blood flow and new collagen production is triggered once the platelets are injected in the vaginal areas. Urinary incontinence will also be highly decreased or completely healed and according to a survey, 80-90 % of women undergoing this PRP treatment have shown signs of an improved sexual arousal and a more intense orgasm during intercourse.

Call today at Renew Skin & Health Clinic to request a consultation and benefit from this innovative and effective vaginal rejuvenation PRP O-Shot treatment in Coventry. Make a change for you, today!