Men are not the only ones who can suffer from sexual dysfunction. As women age, the function and structure of the vagina can change. This can have negative impacts on a woman’s sex life, relationships, self-esteem and mental health. Ageing and childbirth are not the only factors affecting orgasm quality and vaginal health. Conditions such as Dyspareunia can affect women both young and old.  One of the best treatments for such conditions or for improving the health, aspect and function of the sexual organs is the vaginal rejuvenation with PRP O-Shot treatment in Birmingham. Renew Skin & Health Clinic now provides this non-surgical, natural therapy with amazing results and a high degree of privacy and comfort.
PRP or platelet-rich plasma, is a solution that contains a large amount of growth and healing factors. It is extracted from the patient’s own blood through the process of centrifugation. The proteins that act as growth factors are found in cell fragments called platelets. PRP is used in recovery from surgery or injuries. It is also a highly efficient method of promoting healing and revitalisation of different tissues. O-shot stands for orgasm shot, due to the positive results this vaginal rejuvenation with PRP O-Shot treatment in Birmingham has in improving orgasms and vaginal health.
There are many factors that can affect the health and function of the vagina. Age and childbirth can cause loss of sensation and incontinence. Some women suffer from sexual dysfunctions such as Female Sexual Arousal Disorder, which limits pleasure from sexual arousal, or Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder, a condition marked by low libido or sexual desire. For all these cases, the vaginal rejuvenation with PRP O-Shot treatment in Birmingham can offer the necessary boost of re-growth and rejuvenation.
Our specialists at Renew Skin & Health Clinic are well trained and experienced in applying the PRP injections with minimal discomfort to patients. A topical cream applied to the area will provide a numbing effect, ensuring minimal to no pain during the short procedure. Depending on the desired results, the O-shot can be applied on the labia, clitoral glands or G spot. Positive results will be felt from the first sessions and will increase in time as the growth factors are absorbed and used by the tissue. Another big advantage of the vaginal rejuvenation with PRP O-Shot treatment in Birmingham is the compatibility of the solution injected. Since it is derived from the patient’s own blood, rejection and allergic reactions are not an issue.
Contact the head office of Renew Skin & Health Clinic. We will provide you with all the information you need to decide whether vaginal rejuvenation with PRP O-Shot treatment in Birmingham is the right solution for you. If you decide to book an appointment, our specialists will carry out a medical examination to determine your present health condition and if you are eligible for the therapy.  Regain your self-esteem and improve your sex life with this quick, non-surgical and minimally invasive treatment option that guarantees positive results.