Most of us agree that a beautiful, vibrant skin is one of the fundamental prerequisites of beauty though, unfortunately, not all of us enjoy this particular feature. Luckily for those who present unaesthetic brown spots or benign skin lesions, Renew Skin & Health Clinic now provides excellent uneven skin pigmentation treatment in Stratford upon Avon using the new Deka SmartXide Fractional CO2 Laser.

Uneven skin pigmentation, also referred to as skin hyperpigmentation, is a benign skin condition that does not produce any physical discomfort for the patient and is manifested through the appearance of a multitude of brown spots and brown patches on certain sections of the skin. Melanin, which is the pigment that determines the color of our skin, is produced unevenly giving the impression that the skin is spotted. It has been found that hyperpigmentation is caused by an overproduction of melanin in certain areas of the body, though excessive sun exposure, age progression and a number of skin injuries can contribute to the appearance of uneven skin pigmentation, especially when coupled with a genetic predisposition for this particular skin disorder. Although not considered a real health threat to the patient, since the condition does not cause discomfort and does not affect the body’s functionality, hyperpigmentation can cause very serious social and personal issues due to the unaesthetic skin lesions. The dermatological experts of Renew Skin & Health Clinic recommend the hyperpigmentation treatment in Stratford upon Avon as the best brown spots removal method. Using the new Deka SmartXide Fractional CO2 Laser, our medical team can effectively remove brown spots, brown patches and other types of skin lesions, producing superior end results when compared to alternative forms of treatment. Laser treatment for skin spots implies using a very precise, high-intensity beam of light on the section of the skin that presents a benign skin lesion or is unevenly pigmented. The laser will slightly damage the outer layer of the skin and remove the dead tissue while also stimulating the renewal of collagen and the production of new skin cells. If the procedure is performed by an experienced professional, in a proper setting and using adequate medical equipment, the newly revealed skin layer will be healthier and will have a normal skin tone while not presenting any sings of scarring or external intervention. The Deka SmartXide Fractional CO2 Laser device allows us to treat a multitude of skin lesions, from thickened age spots to subtle brown patches, by adopting a different approach to each. This means that the discomfort felt during and after the operation, as well as the recovery period, are considerably reduced. Our medical staff will make sure that, after a detailed consultation, you will undergo the type of laser treatment that best suits your medical requirements. The procedure is fast, safe and non-invasive, involving very little risk for the patient.

Kojic acide-based creams and skincare treatments should be applied to the designated portion of the skin with 3 to 4 weeks prior to undergoing the actual laser treatment. Also, increasing the daily intake of Vitamin C can help the patient better maintain the appearance of his skin once it has been treated. If the patient has experienced herpes outbreaks prior to the laser therapy, then he/she will undergo an antiviral treatment 6 days before the operation. The Renew Skin & Health Clinic team will make sure to design a treatment that is perfectly matched with the patient’s needs. 

If you are prepared to improve the way you are perceived by others and externalize the youthfulness and energy you feel inside, then simply schedule and appointment at Renew Skin & Health Clinic Head Office. Our experienced medical team provides the best laser treatment for uneven skin pigmentation in Stratford upon Avon and is ready to help you obtain a younger, healthier look.