Classified as strictly an aesthetic matter, skin tags are small, bits of flesh, ranging from 2 mm to 5 mm in size, being completely harmless skin outgrowths that hang from the underlying tissue with the help of a thin peduncle or stalk. Generally, skin tags have a higher incidence in people suffering from obesity, diabetes or women during pregnancy, the main cause of their formation being a constant skin fold rubbing against each other or against clothing. Skin tags appear on the face, chest, underarms and groin area, but it is obvious that the skin tags on eyelid are the most bothersome from a cosmetic point of view.

Although our experienced doctors at Renew Skin & Health recommend a specialized assessment of you eyelid skin tags and a professional skin tag on eyelid removal treatment, there are people who tend to avoid this advice, trying various home and natural remedies for eyelid skin tag removal.

Some of the natural ways to ensure skin tag on eyelid removal is applying essential oils such as apple cider vinegar, castor oil, Frankincense essential oil, tea tree oil, or baking soda, pineapple juice or garlic onto the skin tag, with very much caution as not to irritate the eye. The idea behind this is that the antioxidant and enzyme properties of either of these natural remedies will dry and cause the eyelid skin tags to fall off on their own. However, when efficient, these remedies can take up as much as one month or more for complete eyelid skin tags removal. Aloe Vera and lemon juice are also considered to be effective natural remedies for skin tags on eyelid removal that can offer positive results in a matter of days, but these imply a constant application throughout the entire day.

Methods like asphyxiation or skin tag cutting can also work, but mind the potential infections! Moreover these are not applicable on the eyelid area which is much too sensitive to such trauma. The unaesthetic skin tags on eyelids removal natural remedies may or may not work and they may or may not cause serious complications, irritation, infections and so on. If you are not feeling comfortable experimenting with these natural remedies, or others, for eyelid skin tag removal, better address our experienced lead practitioner Dr. Jha who can offer you not only a professional skin tags on eyelid removal treatment, but can also provide you with a specialized consultation and a clear diagnosis which includes a biopsy test, to eliminate any other potentially malignant skin condition resembling skin tags.

At Renew Skin & Health Clinic you can benefit from a safe, non-surgical, scarless and highly effective DEKA CO2 laser treatment for skin tags on eyelid removal. The package price that includes the consultation, biopsy and same-day treatment is normally £1500, but now you can get all these professional services for only £1000! A £250 deposit is necessary when booking and if you agree to go through with the skin tags on eyelids removal CO2 laser treatment, you will pay the rest £750. Schedule your appointment now using our Renew Skin & Health Clinic hotline: 01926 422 454 and Dr. Jha will answer all your questions so you can get rid of the unaesthetic eyelid skin tags without having to complicate yourself with the improbable results of the natural remedies.

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