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What are the results’ duration with the TC3000 thread veins removal treatment available at the Renew Clinic?

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Answer for How long do the results of a thread vein treatment last? from Renew Skin Team
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With the new TC3000 device, based on thermocoagulation, the results are permanent. The principle of thermocoagulation consists in a high frequency pulse that will heat up your veins to that point in which they will self-coagulate and disappear. The device also has a major advantage unlike other thread vein therapies, beside the fact that it really does offer your permanent results, it has no side-effects whatsoever, you will not have to wear compression stockings after the procedure and neither worry about depigmentation, scarring or bruising.
This procedure has no seasonal limitation and it ensures you that in a 10-15-minute session, up to 80 cm of thread veins may be removed. The Tc3000 device also presents different size needles, the first, thinner, for facial thread veins removal, or veins smaller than 0.3 mm and the second one, available for body and leg thread veins up to1 mm in size. A number of 3-4 sessions may be required in order to treat all of your thread veins but, the results are always permanent, and instant. Despite that, you do have to be realistic that other thread veins may appear and become visible, and maintenance sessions will have to be performed. But this is not a problem, because the specialists at Renew Skin & Health Clinic are always at your disposal with the TC3000 thread veins removal treatment, which is now also available for people in Rugby.

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