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Is telangiectasia the same with thread veins or spider veins and what is the best non-surgical treatment for their removal that is available to people in Nuneaton?

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Answer for What is Telangiectasia and how can it be treated? from Renew Skin Team
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Telangiectasia is a blood vessel that can be a small vein, a capillary or an arteriole, found in the outer layer of your skin and has become dilated and enlarged due to different factors. Because of its enlargement, a reddish discoloration in the surrounding skin caused by the small lesions that will develop, will make the telangiectasia easy to notice. On the skin, telangiectasia or thread veins will look like small red, purple or blue lines.
Thread veins can be found anywhere on your body, but mostly on face and legs. On the face, they are generally located on the chin, nose or cheeks and on the legs, on the thigh area, the ankles or just below the knees. They are commonly known as spider veins and ordinarily, are harmless, creating only cosmetic distress.
The treatments for telangiectasia are those for thread veins, given that they are included in the same condition category. These treatments include microsclerotherapy , laser treatments, radiosurgery and the latest and highly versatile technique which uses thermo coagulation, the TC3000. The people in Nuneaton dealing with telangiectasia or thread veins on the face or body can now benefit from a safe, quick and highly effective solution at Renew Skin & Health Clinic. As mentioned above, the TC3000 thermocoagulator is highly efficient, painlessly destroying the thread veins from within due to the thermo coagulation principle it works on, the patient being able to see results instantly and enjoy them permanently, without any risks for side effects whatsoever!

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