Thread veins or spider veins are tiny veins just under the skin that have become dilated. They have the appearance of thin bluish, purple or red lines in the skin but do not have any side effects. Do not be confused, there is a difference between “spider veins” and varicose veins, the latter are bluish lumpy veins which appear mostly on the legs and cause tiredness, the sensation of heavy legs and can even bleed.  Not to worry, thread veins are very common, harmless and usually affect around 30-60 % of the population, unfortunately, more women than men.

Thread veins become more visible with ageing but there are other factors that influence their developments, such as hormonal changes, excessive sun exposure, obesity, and even heredity. There are many procedures available for their treatment, which include sclerotherapy, laser or radiosurgery, but now, The Renew Skin and Health Clinic has brought the revolutionary TC3000 device which uses thermo coagulation, and people from Nuneaton can beneficiate from it too.

The principle of thermo coagulation used by the TC3000 device is based on the heating of the thread veins on the legs and body, coagulating them. The process is achieved with the help of a fine needle through which a high frequency pulse is sent. The needle is insulated, and due to this fact, the effect is local and very precise, so the procedure does not affect the adjacent tissues. Also, due to its size, it can treat even thread veins smaller than 0.3 mm located in difficult to reach places such as your ankles and knees, which was difficult to achieve with the other types of procedures.

Other differences between the TC3000 leg and body thread veins removal procedure and other types of treatments represents the fact that there is no change in the skin’s pigmentation after the procedure, it as painless, it has no seasonal limitation, there are no side effects, it can be used on all types of skin, and more importantly, the TC3000 can treat up to 80 cm in a 10-15 minute-session.

As stated before, if the people in Nuneaton are interested in a solution for those unappealing thread veins, our specialists can give you the long desired look, so, feel free to contact our Renew Skin and Health Clinic Head Office on 01926 422 454, and book a consultation or treatment with the revolutionary and highly versatile TC3000!

Before After Results for Nuneaton