Ingrown toenails are characterized by the unusual growth of the toenail’s edges into the skin, causing pain and infections, not to mention an unaesthetic aspect of the foot. Renew Skin & Health Clinic provides ingrown toenail removal surgery for the people coming from Leicester, for the correction and treatment of your ingrown toenail(s).

Ingrown toenails have proved to also have a genetic cause, so if you have family members who are dealing with this problem, there is a chance for you to develop it as well. However, if the ingrown toenail has mild symptoms, you can use the self-care measures recommended by a podiatrist, after a close examination of your toenail’s situation. Thus, practicing good foot hygiene, trimming the nail straight across and gently pushing the skin away from the nail, or wearing comfortable shoes can help you prevent the worsening of the condition.

On the other hand, if the toenail’s growth does not improve, you will have to have it removed, so it can grow normally and correctly, without protruding into the skin again. The Renew Skin & Health Clinic podiatrists or consultant surgeons with years of experience in the field will ensure a painless, safe and professional ingrown toenail removal, using two techniques, depending on the its condition: partial nail avulsion and total nail avulsion (removal).

Partial nail avulsion implies the removal of a part of the toenail, more exactly its edges, to make the nail narrower and give it a straight edge, making it less prone to dig into the skin again. Following the cutting of the nail, a phenol substance is applied, in order to prevent the nail from growing back and the ingrown characteristic to develop again.

Total nail avulsion consists in the surgical removal of the entire nail, in most cases, completely reducing the risk of ingrown toenail recurrence. Your toe will be left with the indentation, which is however perfectly safe, your toe continuing to function normally, until the nail grows back.

Both ingrown toenail minor surgery treatments are carried out under local anesthetic, so you won’t feel any actual pain, the only pain-related issue occurring after the surgery, which can also be resolved by taking the painkillers prescribed by our specialist. After the nail surgery, the toe will be wrapped in a non-adhesive sterile bandage and you may be advised to keep your foot raised for 1-2 days.

Everything you need to know about the ingrown toenail minor surgery treatments available at Renew Skin & Health Clinic can be clarified during a consultation scheduled with one of our GPs, private dermatologist or podiatrist. So book a consultation at our cosmetic clinic headquarters even if you are from Leicester and get rid of this bothersome and unsightly toenail issue in a safe, effective and painless way!