Hair transplant, the ideal solution for hair loss
Hair loss treatments have evolved significantly in the last decade; therefore unsightly baldness with the help of hair extensions and wigs is history. Hair transplant became the safest and most efficient solution for people affected by hair loss.

Because flawless results require the best specialists and the proper methods in the implant treatments for alopecia, Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa has all the competences that impose both in terms of the medical cosmetic professional team and in terms of the clinic's latest equipment.

Surgical hair transplant is a surgical dermatological procedure performed in our clinic and consists in the harvest with a micro-surgical device of some hairs, together with their roots from areas where the hair is permanent, present at the back end of the head scalp and temples and its careful insertion in small surgical stab wounds created by the transplant surgeon, made in the scalp, on the patient's desired area.

Renew Skin & Health Clinic's specialists in Leamington Spa take into account several factors before deciding that the best option is surgical hair transplant. These factors are: the area that must be covered, the rate of hair fall, active medical conditions that might jeopardise the interventions and causes for hair loss.

Hair transplant is the right solution for most people who suffer from hair loss. However, because of the unique individual features of some people the obtained results are better.
Treating baldness with hair transplant treatment is actually the redistribution of the healthy existing hair (which is available in limited quantity) in the areas where hair loss has occurred. Using an advanced micro-surgical technique, Renew Skin & Health Clinic's hair transplant surgeons achieve a result with a complete natural look, without the "doll hair" appearance of the old transplant techniques, which used large grafts (slit grafts, round grafts, mini/micro grafts). Our result is a uniform hair distribution and an exact, natural reproduction of normal hair architecture.

We are sure that the persons who seek hair transplant are interested by some aspects such as the risk degree of the intervention, the time period in which the results will appear, if the results last for the rest of their lives and how great is the resemblance between the implanted and natural hair. Our cosmetic surgery specialists assure you that the surgical hair transplant is made without significant complications. The recently transplanted hair will enter a state of rest, immediately after the procedure, during which these new hairs will shed off. After about 3-4 months, the hair will restart growing and the final result can be appreciated after 9-12 months or sooner.

A very important aspect for the people interested in this treatment is the transplanted hair to look natural. It can be washed, combed, styled and dyed exactly like your hair. It doesn't require any special care and the transplanted hair would also require normal cutting/trimming as your normal scalp hair.

The hair transplant is the safest and most efficient method of treating alopecia so far and at Renew Skin & Health Clinic you have all the necessary conditions and medical cosmetic specialists which, besides your hair, will also restore your young and charming look. For this purpose, we invite you to our clinic in Leamington Spa to take advantage of the latest cosmetic treatments.

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