Alopecia, popularly known as baldness, is a problem that occurs frequently in men, sometimes in women too, but with different manifestations. Among the causes of its occurrence may be aging, hormonal disorders or genetic factors. Baldness appears as a result of accumulation of a substance called dihydrotestosterone in the scalp, forming a kind of obstacle between hair follicle and its blood supply.

Thus, hair is no longer fed with oxygen and nutrients and starts to fall. There are many traditional treatments used by the persons that have to deal with this problem, but the results are disappointing in most of the cases. Medical cosmetic clinic Renew Skin & Health in Leamington Spa provides you with the most efficient method to eliminate baldness and regaining the hair: surgical hair transplant.

Surgical hair transplant is done by transferring hair follicles from one part of the body, called the donor, to the hairless parts – receiving areas. When you decide to suffer a transplant, the degree of hair loss and the quality of the hair should be taken into consideration for our specialists to find the best solutions. Hair transplant is indicated where other methods (eg using a hair restoration agent) have failed.

The technique of applying this cosmetic surgery procedure has been improved gradually, so the treatment is much simplified. Now, hair transplantation can be done in two ways, both requiring local anesthesia and details being discussed with our specialists during consultation. The first way involves the surgeon taking a strip of scalp from the donor area and separate it into smaller parts, that will be transplanted into the bald area. Soon, hair will grow as if it was still in the donor area. This procedure will leave a linear scar barely visible in the area from which the hair follicles were harvested and it will be covered once the hair grows.

The second method is performed by transplanting some individual follicular units from the donor area, followed by their reintroduction in the scalp, in the affected area. Thus, there will not remain a linear scar, but only some small points. Besides, the follicles spend very little time outside the body, so they will catch easily. This kind of surgery takes between two and four hours. The advantages of this type of surgical hair transplant are less recovery time (you do not need hospitalization) and it does not require suture.

Side effects that may occur after hair transplant surgery in men are redness and numbness that can last a few days. In the first weeks, the area will not have a satisfactory appearance since the new hair will start to grow in a period of 3 to 5 months after the surgery. At first, it can be thinner, because the follicles need to heal, but then they will get a normal look. You do not need to worry if it does not grow as fast as you would like it to, because the growth rate varies from person to person. The procedure can be repeated only after a period of 3 or 4 months and you will need 3 to 5 sessions to get a normal hair density.

This kind of surgery can be done at any age, starting from 18. In addition to the people who suffer from alopecia, this procedure is recommended to those who lost their hair due to scalp injuries or burns. Hair loss can be unpleasant and may generate stress and frustration. Surgical hair transplant in men is effective and can cure baldness in a few months. Experienced surgeons from our clinic, Renew Skin and Health, will professionally implant the smallest hair units, so that your hair will look natural and no one will know you sought esthetic surgery.

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