Sunspots, actinic or seborrheic keratoses are skin conditions also known as Solar Lentigines and they are caused by direct, prolonged exposure to UV rays. They have a dark aspect and can appear anywhere on the skin surface, regardless of age. If you have lighter skin, you are more prone to develop sunspots.

Age spots on the other hand, also known as liver spots, can be flat, grey, brown or black spots and are very common in over 40 years old adults. They can also be triggered by a prolonged exposure to the sun rays. They are normally harmless, but can also hide a potentially harmful condition: a cancerous growth known as malignant melanoma.

If you live in Leicester and suffer from sunspots or age spots or simply have unaesthetic freckles, you can contact Renew Skin and Health Clinic Head Office and ask for the closest clinic branch in your area where you can undergo sun spots removal or age spots removal treatments. Usually, sunspots are harmless, but if they bleed or feel itchy you should be concerned about their evolution and contact the closest specialist. Your doctor could suggest the removal of your spots if he/she considers that they are potentially harmful.

Our Renew Skin and Health Clinic specialists and dermatologists can recommend you laser therapy for the sun spots removal or freckles removal which consists in using IPL (intense pulsed light) laser treatments or superficial chemical peels, if you have freckles and other sun or age-related skin spots. Other procedures such as microdermabrasion have proven effective in cosmetically treating skin spots by removing the affected upper layer.

People living in Leicester and suffering from any type of sunspots, such as actinic keratoses or seborrheic keratoses can contact the closest Renew Skin and Health Clinic branch to benefit from a professional consultation and get a proper diagnosis which will determine the sunspots removal procedure you need to undergo. Sometimes, retinoid cream medications derived from vitamin A can be sufficient in treating the mild symptoms caused by sunspots and the ageing process. The mostly recommended sun spots removal or age spots removal treatment in Leicester however, is radiosurgery as it fast, safe, painless, non-surgical and virtually scarless, requiring no downtime whatsoever.

In rare cases, it is also possible that a sunspot or age spot can conceal a more serious condition such as a malignant melanoma (skin cancer). If your dermatologist thinks you might suffer from a life-threatening disorder, he/she can perform a biopsy or a complete excision of the spot. This is a minor, low-risk surgical operation which aims at removing the spot and avoids a worsening of your condition.

Under no circumstance are you to try and treat or remove your sunspots at home, without a prior consultation. If you live in Leicester, all you have to do is contact Renew Skin and Health Clinic Head Office and ask for professional advice and undergo any procedure our specialists recommend you, as the final cosmetic results will certainly not disappoint you.