A prolonged exposure to the harmful UV light will have consequences on your skin sooner or later. The most common such negative effects are sunspots and age spots, categories that also include actinic keratoses, seborrheic keratoses and even freckles. Although adults older than age 40 are generally the ones developing such skin lesions, young people with fairer and lighter skin are also highly prone to them. That’s why Renew Skin & Health Clinic comes to the aid of people in Rugby suffering from these skin conditions with professional, safe, painless, highly effective age spots removal and sun spots removal treatments with great cosmetic results.

Age spots and sun spots are generally harmless flat, gray, brown or black lesions that mostly appear on the face, hands, shoulders and arms or on any other areas most exposed to sunlight, and do not necessarily require removal, as they are simply a cosmetic issue. Nevertheless, there are very rare cases in which a potentially malignant condition may resemble these age or sunspots, so if you notice symptoms like rapid and sudden growth, itchiness or bleeding make sure you see a specialist right away. People in Rugby can now benefit from Renew Skin & Health Clinic specialists’ expertise in the field of dermatology and plastic surgery if the age spots removal or sun spots removal treatment requires it.

Prior to any actinic keratosis or sebborheic keratosis, freckles, age spots or sun spots removal treatment, the GP or dermatologist at Renew Skin & Health Clinic will first perform a specialized consultation to set an accurate diagnosis and rule out any potentially malignant skin condition. After this aspect has been taken care of, you will be recommended an age spot removal or sunspot removal treatment that best suits your individual condition and final expectations in terms of cosmetic results.

If the actinic or seborrheic keratoses (seborrheic warts) you are suffering from have a suspicious development, you will most likely be recommended a biopsy or a complete excision, which is a minor surgery procedure that is performed on an outpatient basis, is painless, quick and minimally invasive so the cosmetic results are quite satisfactory as compared to any other type of surgery. For the harmless age spots removal or sunspots removal, our Renew Skin & Health Clinic plastic surgeons mainly recommend radiosurgery, which, despite its name, is a non-surgical procedure that ensures great cosmetic results, it is fast, painless and safe, deep chemical peels and chemical cauterization. With freckles and superficial age spots removal and sunspots removal in Rugby, the treatments that offer best results are the IPL laser therapyand superficial chemical peels, which will also help with the skin rejuvenation process. 

At Renew Skin & Health Clinic, our medical team uses the latest in medical skin treatment technology in order to meet the expectations of our patients. The Deka SmartXide Fractional CO2 Laser device is the latest development in medical laser technology and allows our specialists to perform the procedures with great precision, control and flexibility, improving the end result, reducing the pain experienced by the patient and minimizing the recovery period.

Undergoing a kojic acid skin treatment during the 3 to 4 weeks prior to the laser treatment is recommended in order to facilitate the operation’s effectiveness. A Vitamin C-rich diet can also be helpful in preserving the aesthetic results of the laser treatment. If the patient has had by any chance issues or has experienced herpes in the past, he will be directed to undergo an antiviral treatment 6 days before the operation. At Renew Skin & Health Clinic, we ensure that a special treatment regime is established for each individual patient based on their medical background.

Regardless of the age spots or sun spots skin lesions you are suffering from, Renew Skin & Health Clinic will help you with professional, safe and quick treatments that also include actinic keratosis removal and seborrheic keratosis or warts removal procedures. We invite thus people in Rugby to contact our Renew Clinic Head Office to schedule a sun spots removal or age spots removal treatment for a flawless, rejuvenated, spot-free complexion!