Most skin moles are harmless having a benign nature, but due to an excessive sun radiation exposure, and genetic factors, to a smaller extent, these moles can alter their chemical composition, becoming malignant and causing skin cancer.

To avoid such consequences, the specialist doctors at Renew Skin & Health Clinic recommend certain protections measures, as there are several alternatives to prevent mole development and their evolution into melanoma.

The safest method of all is to avoid sun exposure during the day between 11am and 4 pm when the negative potential of UV radiations is at a maximum and a moderate use of sunbeds. When this happens, it’s recommended for you to use and apply sunscreen creams with SPF over 15, anything below this index being inefficient. Wearing sunscreen for the entire day is highly indicated as radiations can even penetrate the clouds’ density and the light can reflect from various surfaces such a sand, snow, water or cement, so even if you’re at shade, the UV radiations can still harm you. Repeated episodes of sunburn during childhood will increase the chances of developing skin cancer at adulthood, hence protecting the children’s skin is equally important.

The UV radiations affecting the skin penetrate it, reaching the pigment cells and causing their alteration, in time these melanocytes becoming malignant. So, when noticing any change in the moles on your body in terms of shape, color, size or texture, you should immediately see a specialist. Another method of skin protection including of the moles on its surface consists in wearing appropriate clothing, large shirts and pants, long-sleeved blouses and wide-brimmed hats to protect both the facial and the neck areas (where melanoma mostly develops in men). Furthermore, several clothing articles made of a special type of fabric are highly recommended as these fabrics block the sunrays from reaching your skin, thus ensuring a strong protection. People with light, fair skin, blue eyes, red hair and freckles are most prone to sunburns and other skin conditions because of the low melanin quantity within the skin.

Following some simple protection rules against the harmful sun radiations, you can diminish the risk of skin cancer, which according to surveys, is responsible for the most deaths per year even it is the most easily detectable type of cancer. It’s always better to prevent, than having to treat!