Renew Skin & Health Clinic is proud to welcome people from Stratford upon Avon to experience the extraordinary results of the semi-permanent make-up and cosmetic tattoo. With the help of our cosmetic specialist, you will benefit from this exciting procedure, because what could be better than waking up looking stunningly beautiful, with no worries of applying make-up or fixing up your face because you are an active and busy woman who loves to be free and beautiful? And you have to keep in mind that not only young women can profit from the semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo’s effects. Older people and persons with disabilities or with scars and other small imperfections need to worry no more, as this is a very resourceful cosmetic procedure, since we already helped a large number of patients. After surgical interventions, permanent color can be used to cover the scars, lack of hair or to give the impression of areolas and nipples after reconstructive surgery or mastectomy.

If your wish is to look the best you can at all time with little to no effort, then Renew Skin & Health Clinic is the right place. Here, by the power of the semi-permanent make-up you can choose to have an eyeliner tattoo that will give contour and accentuate your eyes. You might want to get thick lashes or eyebrows, the semi-permanent tattoo will do that for you by mechanically applying pigments onto the respective areas, into your thin skin layer, pigments made of inorganic minerals. Moreover, if you think your lips and lip lines could use a little more color and a better shape, the use of colored pigments will provide you with that beautiful effect of a rose petal, helping your lips get more volume and a beautiful shape. So if you have problems with applying your make-up because you are tired to repeat the same action several times a day or you just don’t have time to worry about getting your make-up done anymore, a simple visit to our Renew Skin & Health Clinic will provide you a naturally beautiful face for 2 up to 5 years, until the pigments disappear from the skin. Also, a lot of people choose the semi-permanent make-up or semi permanent cosmetic tattoo because they are allergic to the usual make-up cosmetics and still want a beautiful appearance.

People in Stratford upon Avon who have suffered hair loss caused by accidents, chemotherapy or alopecia, might find the semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo very interesting. The hair simulation involves the tattooing of the hair follicles onto the scalp to give the illusion of thicker and denser hair. If you have those unwanted scars and you crave for your flawless skin, then you should give the semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo a try.
With the help of colored pigments, you will regain your balance in skin color and your scars will be camouflaged. There is nothing happier than a woman or a man able to wear shorts again in the summer. In case you suffered a breast surgery and you are having breast reconstruction, you might want to have the most realistic and beautiful breasts and the semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo will totally help. The revolutionary 3D nipple tattoo performed by our cosmetic specialist, will give you the exact effect of a real nipple or will just remake your areola by coloring it. Think about a minimally invasive procedure, with immediate visible effects that will last for at least a couple of years.

Renew Health & Skin Clinic has its doors open for all the people in Stratford above Avon, to come and try the powers and enjoy the benefits of the semi-permanent make-up and cosmetic tattoo procedure and convince themselves of the big change in their life that can be done with such a little intervention. Feel free to call at our Renew Health & Skin Clinic Head Office, at 01926 422 454, to book a consultation and get more information.