Sun exposure and the process of ageing are the greatest enemies of the skin, causing damage and giving it an unsightly appearance. Actinic or seborrheic keratosis is a scaly, rough patch that mostly appears in middle aged people who had a long-term, excessive sun exposure, actually being the result of the skin’s incapacity to repair the sun-damaged cells. Although most actinic keratoses are harmless and asymptomatic, a continuous exposure to the harmful UV radiations may trigger the alteration of melanocytes (pigmentation cells) and the development of malignant characteristics that can lead to a type of cancer, squamous cell carcinoma or SCC.

When the actinic or seborrheic keratosis present symptoms such as pain, tenderness, bleeding, itchiness or they start to grow into a lump, you should immediately see a specialist, as these may be signs of malignancy. Our private dermatologists and GPs at Renew Skin & Health Clinic can set an accurate diagnosis after a thorough visual examination, and if the skin lesion is suspicious, a biopsy may be required to rule out any possible malignant characteristics.

For the removal of the actinic or seborrheic keratosis, our specialists recommend two types of minor surgical procedures: either a shaving biopsy-like surgery, through which the keratoses can be scraped off – this is usually applied if the skin lesions is diagnosed as benign, or the surgical removal of the entire skin lesion, by cutting it out with the scalpel – this is performed with suspicious actinic keratosis; this latter minor surgery will require stitches, but due to our plastic surgeons’ expertise, this will be a minimal one. Both surgical treatments for actinic or seborrheic keratoses are carried out under local anesthetic, so you won’t feel any discomfort and for the pain that normally follows surgery, the doctor will prescribe you painkillers.

The same minor surgery techniques can be used to remove dermatosis papulosa nigra, known simply as DPN. Dermatosis papulosa nigra is a benign skin condition that is commonly found in men of African or Asian descent and is characterized by the appearance of a number of harmless dark facial skin lesions. This particular skin condition is not considered a health issue, since it does not produce any physical discomfort or affect the functionality of the body, but it is often treated in order to correct any aesthetic imperfections. Using minor surgery as a method of dermatosis papulosa nigra removal means that you may enhance and improve your appearance with very little risk of any kind of medical complications. 

If you’re dealing with this kind of dermatological conditions, actinic keratosis, seborrheic keratosis or dermatosis papulosa nigra, you should have them checked at Renew Skin & Health Clinic, even if they are asymptomatic as the GP or private dermatologist here can help you with advice on how to prevent future complications and appropriately protect your skin. If, however, there are already symptoms, do not worry as the minor surgical procedures are painless, safe and effective, especially when performed by experienced surgeons and dermatologists. So, contact us at the Renew Skin & Health Clinic headquarters, even if you are from Stratford upon Avon, and effectively prevent or treat your skin problems! For more contact information, please click here!