People from Stratford upon Avon can now undergo safe and effective dermatological treatments for the correction and future prevention of ingrown toenail conditions at our Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa. The minor surgery procedures are performed by fully qualified podiatrists and consultant surgeons with years of experience of the field.

The ingrown toenail condition is both painful and unsightly, causing much distress when walking and when choosing having to choose shoes that will cover your toes. The ingrown toenail develops because of the nail’s edges that grow into the skin, this happening due to bad foot hygiene, inappropriate nail trimming and wearing uncomfortable shoes. If the ingrown toenail’s symptoms are mild, you could try some self-care measures which imply the improvement of the abovementioned aspects, that is: wearing comfortable shoes, practice good feet hygiene, trim the nails straight across and always try to push the skin away from the nail using a cotton bud.

If the toenail’s condition does not improve, you should see one of our GPs, private dermatologists or podiatrists who, after assessing your medical condition, can recommend the treatment that will suit you best. And one of these treatments is toenail removal surgery. This minor surgical procedure is carried out under local anesthetic, so you won’t experience actual pain or discomfort, it is quick and highly effective, preventing the development of ingrown toenails in the future. There are two surgical techniques that can ensure this: partial avulsion (removal) and total avulsion.

Partial avulsion represents the removal of a certain part of the nail, more exactly, its edges which are surgically cut to make the nail narrower and straighter. After this, a phenol chemical is applied on the treated area to prevent the nail from digging into the surrounding skin again.

Total avulsion represents the removal of the whole nail, dramatically reducing the risk of ingrown toenail recurrence. After the procedure you will be left with the indentation, but this will not affect your toe’s functions in any way. The toe will then be wrapped in a non-adhesive, sterile bandage and you will be recommended to keep your foot raised for 1-2 days, while also receiving self-care post-surgical instructions.

Podiatrists at our cosmetic clinic have achieved great results in ingrown toenail surgery so far, and their verifiable portfolios of results can prove this. Schedule a consultation by simply contacting us at our Renew Skin & Health Clinic headquarters, even if you are from Stratford upon Avon and safely, effectively and painlessly get rid of this unaesthetic condition! For more contact information, please access this link!