Layla - Professional TC3000 treatment for spider veins in Babury

Are there any over-the-counter products, devices or treatments available for the removal of thread veins at home?

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Answer for Can I have my spider veins removed at home? from Renew Skin Team
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The answer to your question is no. You cannot have your thread veins removed at home. What you can do at home is try to reduce the risk of their apparition with a diet rich in vitamin C and E, use a vitamin K cream and avoid smoking or alcohol. If you already have them you will have to have them treated by a specialist, within a clinic, using specialized treatments.
Renew Skin & Health Clinic recommends people in Leicester to see a specialist or a vascular surgeon who can recommend the treatment that suits you best, whether it is microsclerotherapy, Nd:Yag or IPL laser, radiosurgery or the newest technique which uses thermo coagulation, the TC3000. Thermo coagulation can treat veins smaller than 0.9mm but it does not have any side effects, offering you instant and permanent results. Regardless of the condition of your thread veins, you should always consult a GP or a specialist before taking any measures, to avoid possible future complications or worsening of the condition. Our Renew Skin & Health Clinic specialist will perform a consultation in which he/she will assess your medical history, your current health condition and the severity of your thread veins and only after, based on an accurate diagnosis, recommend a treatment that will help you safely, quickly and efficiently get rid of this unaesthetic skin condition.

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