Facial thread veins or spider veins, or after their medical term, telangiectasia appear as tiny, red or purple lines near the nose but can spread on to the cheeks, creating a highly unaesthetic appearance, most people wanting to have them removed. People in Northampton will be happy to know that now, they can benefit from Renew Skin & Health Clinic’s revolutionary and highly versatile TC3000 thermocoagulator treatment that ensures the safe, painless, highly effective and side-effect-free removal of facial thread veins.

The causes of facial thread veins or spider veins range from hormonal changes triggered by pregnancy or menopause and genetic factors to excessive sun and wind exposure, or even exposure to extreme temperatures, the facial area being increasingly exposed to these factors and thus thread veins appearing more easily.

Renew Skin& Health Clinic recommends the TC3000 treatment for the effective removal of the facial thread veins due to its extraordinarily advantageous properties that cause no side-effects, no burns and ensure instantaneous results. The principle of thermo coagulation consists in the action of high frequency pulsed energy passed through the tip of an extremely small needle (R3i for the face only measures 0.08 mm) to the enlarged thread veins on the face, causing them to contract and disperse immediately due to the lack of blood supply. Because the needle is insolated, the practitioner is provided with great precision in using the TC3000 device, causing no damage to the surrounding tissues, and because only the tip of the needle is heated, the skin will not be harmed. Moreover, depending on the severity of your facial thread veins or spider veins, the settings of time and power of impulse can be changed by our specialist.

In under 10 minutes, people in Northampton can get rid of the unsightly thread veins or spider veins on their face, the TC3000 being able to treat approximately 50 cm of thread veins in 10-15 minutes. The amazing advantages of the TC3000 treatment is that the results are immediate and permanent, the procedure is safe, painless and quick, it is also suitable for all skin types and thread veins up to 0.9 mm wide, but is ideal for the facial thread veins which can be only 0.3 mm wide, in which case, sclerotherapy is ineffective; elastic stocking or bandages are not required after the procedure, there is no seasonal limitation due to sun exposure, there are no side-effects involved, no allergic reactions and no pigmentation or discoloration.

Renew Skin & Health Clinic invites thus people in Northampton to benefit from our TC3000 treatment for the effective and highly cosmetic removal of facial thread veins. Get rid of this unaesthetic problem in a safe, quick and painless manner. Our GP or vascular surgeon will also ensure a prior consultation during which your medical history and current health condition will be assessed, this also including your lifestyle analysis. You will receive any information you may require and photos will also be taken before-and-after the procedure, so you can convince yourselves of the amazing results obtained with the TC3000 facial thread vein removal treatment!

Before After Results for Northampton