Moira - Special Botox discounts in Northampton

What benefits or special discounts does Renew Clinic ensure for people in Northampton undergoing Botox treatments?

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Answer for Is Renew Clinic offering any special discounts on the Botox treatments for people in Northampton? from Renew Skin Team
Renew Team

Yes, we offer great discounts on the Botox treatments for horizontal wrinkles on the forehead for people coming from Northampton, helping them get rid of this unaesthetic and highly bothersome skin issue. Being so visible and caused by the expression muscles, these wrinkles can be dramatically reduced with the help of the botulinum toxin microinjection which will act upon this group of muscles, relaxing them and preventing thus their deepening. Renew Skin & Health Clinic ensures a massive discount for the forehead wrinkles from 225, which is the normal price, to 175 and the clients who decide to go through with the procedure will also benefit from a free consultation which is essential in preventing possible future complications and in ensuring optimum results.
The Botox treatment targeting horizontal forehead wrinkles available for people in Northampton will ensure a skin rejuvenation effect that you will definitely be satisfied with and thanks to the special discount offers we are ensuring, you can be sure that your trip to our clinic will definitely be worth your while.

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