If you want to know how you can always look your best and have your self-confidence boosted through the roof, then the answer is simple: semi-permanent make-up. Also known as micropigmentation, it resembles the tattooing process and it consists of a coloured pigment being placed mechanically below the surface of the skin, injecting the pigment at a shallower depth, penetrating only the upper layers of the dermis. Renew Skin & Health Clinic, together with our cosmetic specialist can ensure for people in Solihull an improved general appearance in a simple, fast and highly effective manner.

The pigments used in the semi permanent make-up procedure are generally made of pure, inorganic minerals that are hypoallergenic, emollient free and fragrance free, leading to a lasting effect of over 3 years, this time period being influenced by your general health condition, skin care, exposure to the sun and individual body chemistry.

The benefits of undergoing the semi-permanent make-up or cosmetic tattoo can be felt and seen by anyone, regardless of whether they are young or old. This procedure can help cancer patients who suffered hair loss due to chemotherapy restore the appearance of areolas and nipples after mastectomy or reconstructive surgery, men who suffer from alopecia and want to mask the effects of slight balding through hair simulation cosmetic tattoos and the people who need to camouflage scars and correct visual impairments and so on. Semi-permanent make-up procedures can also help prevent conventional cosmetics allergies, representing a solution for those who have arthritic or unsteady hands and are unable to apply make-up, for those who have light and thinned eyelashes and eyebrows and are in need of a fuller and well-defined look, with the help of eyeliner and lipliner effects, for those who suffer from hay fever or have watery eyes, etc. As you can see, the advantages are all there, whether you just need to look beautiful and fresh every day or you have some unaesthetic issues you would like to get rid of or correct, it is obvious that you can save both time and money with the help of the semi-permanent make-up procedure.

However the semi-permanent make-up procedure does have some disadvantages, but it all starts by reassuring yourself that the specialist you booked your appointment with is certified, and that everything looks and feels in order, as you can develop infections if the procedure is not done correctly or if the medical equipment is not well-sterilized etc. Other disadvantages may include, the desire of removal which might take longer than the process you went through in the beginning, possible allergic reactions, but this can be avoided by performing previous tests.

Nevertheless, our cosmetic specialist is fully qualified and all problems that may arise will be thoroughly discussed beforehand so that possible issues are prevented. Renew Skin & Health Clinic is here to ensure that people in Solihull receive only the best treatments and that you will regain your self-esteem and a younger look. Feel free to contact our Head Office at 01926 422 454, to book a consultation or treatment for the semi-permanent make-up or semi permanent cosmetic tattoo and let us help you improve your image.

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