Skin tags, although harmless, can become highly problematic and bothersome when getting caught in your clothes or jewelry, or simply create an aesthetic discomfort when very visible. These small, skin- or flesh-colored growths can be smooth or irregular in appearance and are usually connected to the underlying skin by a narrow stalk; skin tags occur due to skin-to-skin or skin-to-clothes/jewelry friction at the base of the neck, under the breasts, in the armpits areas, on the eyelids, in the groin folds or on the upper chest.

As mentioned above, they are never malignant and neither contagious but can become an aesthetic issue, requiring removal. Renew Skin & Health Clinic comes to your aid with a safe, painless and highly effective treatment for skin tag removal, radiosurgery being the most appropriate procedure in terms of final cosmetic results. People in Solihull dealing with these unsightly skin tags can feel at ease now because the radiosurgery procedure for skin tag removal, despite its name, is a non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment. Our private dermatologists use a local anesthetic to numb the area, making the procedure painless and comfortable. The electrode of the radiosurgery device provides our practitioner with great precision in removing the skin tag(s), acting solely upon the growth itself, without causing any damage to the adjacent tissues. The lesion is also simultaneously cauterized, so there is minimal to no bleeding involved, possible future infections are prevented and the healing process is enhanced, not to mention that the final cosmetic results are far superior as compared to any other technique for skin lesion/growth removal.

Nevertheless, you will have to undergo a prior consultation, during which your skin tag will be examined, as to rule out any other conditions that may resemble it, and your medical history and current health condition will be assessed to minimize and prevent any possible complications or risks. If you are not an ideal candidate for radiosurgery, our specialists will recommend you suitable alternatives that will also ensure satisfying results in the skin tag removal treatment, such as cryotherapy or surgical excision (which is not highly invasive, given that the skin tags are connected to the upper layer of the dermis, so usually there is no need for deeper incision).

Renew Skin & Health Clinic invites thus people in Solihull to our cosmetic and medical center to benefit from our professional, safe, painless and scarless skin tag removal treatments which are performed under the close supervision of our fully qualified practitioners and private dermatologists. You can also ask for before-and-after photos of previous such procedures, to get an idea of the efficiency of the radiosurgery procedure in skin tag, skin lesions and skin growths removal. You will be able to enjoy a skin tag-free skin in a matter of 15-20 minutes after which you can immediately leave the clinic to normally resume your daily activities, and the radiosurgery treatment for skin tag removal requires absolutely no downtime and neither bandages! Schedule an appointment by simply contacting us at our Head Office on 01926 422 454!