Skin tags or acrochorda, are flesh-colored or brown skin growths that appear mostly on the neck, armpits, eyelids, groins, on the back and abdomen and they can vary in size, from 1 mm to 5 cm. Facial skin tags have a benign form and do not cause any harm to the human health, but they can be very annoying, bothersome and can cause low self-esteem, especially in public. That is why, most people turn to cosmetic procedures for eyelid skin tags removal, only because of aesthetic reasons. It is important for you to know that eyelid skin tags, and any other form of skin tags, are recommended to be removed only when they become bothersome, irritated and difficult to handle.

Before undergoing any type of cosmetic surgery for eyelid skin tags removal, the patient has to make a series of medical examinations, in order to be given the best eyelid skin tag removal treatment. In the case of facial skin tags and eyelid skin tags, the specialist doctor will harvest a bit of tissue for biopsy, in order to establish the pathology of the skin tag, whether benign or malign, so that he can establish an accurate diagnosis. After the diagnosis is given, the dermatologist can determine the type of cosmetic skin tag on eyelid removal procedure suitable for each patient. In the case of skin tags on eyelids, Dr. Jha, the lead of Renew Skin and Health Clinic recommends and encourages the scarless laser eyelid skin tag removal using the DEKA CO2 laser therapy, which it is the most accurate and precise type of cosmetic procedure, with outstanding results.

The skin tags near the eye treatment using the CO2 laser is a non-invasive, scarless and painless cosmetic procedure that causes no damage to the adjacent area. The skin tags on eyelid removal is performed under local anesthesia, lasting a few minutes on each skin tag, therefore, the duration of  cosmetic procedure depending on the numbers of skin tags to be removed. The skin may become irritated and red post-operation, but this normal side-effect will heal in few days.

In terms of prevention, it is important to mention how these skin tags occur and who is more likely to suffer from this type of skin condition, so that you can be properly informed and aware. Eyelid skin tags, and all kinds of facial skin tags, occur mostly in obese people, because the folds create a proper environment for them to develop. In case of pregnancy, women who expect tend, as well, to develop skin tags, caused by changes in their hormonal levels. But other people develop them for no reason, due to other factors or because of age, so prevention is not an option, but correcting and removing them is a choice.

At Renew Skin and Health Clinic, our experienced doctors use the most precise and updated medical equipment, so that you can benefit from excellent cosmetic results, with minimum side effects, and minimum effort. No matter the reason, cosmetic or medical, the skin tag on eyelids removal using the DEKA CO2 laser is an effective and painless cosmetic procedure, with excellent outcomes.

If you have decided to take the first step and eyelid skin tag removal is the solution for you, don’t hesitate to book an appointment to our Renew Skin and Health Clinic in Leamington Spa. Because we want everyone to afford and to benefit from our expertise and medical and cosmetic skills, we lowered the package price for the eyelid skin tag removal treatment from £1500 to £1000, which includes, the consultation, the biopsy and the treatment, performed on the same day, for all nearly and distant clients. The booking requires a £250 deposit, and after you are informed and given all the necessary details regarding the skin tags near the eye treatment using the DEKA CO2 laser, and you have decided to go through with this type of cosmetic procedure, you will pay the remaining the £750. So, don’t hesitate to call our hotline (01926 422 454) in order to take a step towards your new improved self.

Before After Results for DEKA CO2 Laser Treatments