NHS advises everyone who notices brown or flesh-colored, irregularly shaped skin growths hanging from the skin near the eye, to seek professional help when they change size or color, in order to know their nature and treat them in time. They might be suffering from skin tags on eyelid, which are also called acrochordons, fibroepithelial polyp, cutaneous papilloma and soft fibroma and look very much like warts, but have different characteristics.

Eyelid skin tags normally vary in size from 1-5 mm to 5 cm wide and can appear in anyone, regardless of the gender, but mainly in older, overweight individuals or people suffering from diabetes, as well as pregnant women, growing usually where skin rubs against skin and clothing. Skin tags near the eyelid are harmless, benign (noncancerous) and noncontagious skin growths that can be left untreated without the risk of causing complications. The only problem with skin tags on eyelid is that they are highly unaesthetic and can cause discomfort or even bleed when rubbed.

At Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa, clinic lead Dr Jha and the other specialized doctors perform professional private treatments for skin tags on eyelid removal, obtaining successful cosmetic results with every procedure. They are highly trained and experienced, ensuring the patients the proper care that they deserve.

The National Health Service assures the sufferers that, even though they notice skin tags on eyelid, they can choose not to treat them and still be safe. However, for medical reasons, they can benefit from the DEKA CO2 laser eyelid skin tags removal treatment coverage in order to eliminate potential infections and improve eyesight that was previously affected by the existence of eyelid skin tags. Only after a specialized consultation will our practitioner be able to recommend you for the NHS programme that may cover your eyelid skin tag removal costs.

There are other methods to remove eyelid skin tags, but the scarless, fast and painless DEKA CO2 laser treatment for eyelid skin tags removal is the most efficient and is performed under local anesthesia, only after a specialized consultation that helps the experienced doctors determine the nature of the skin condition and the appropriate treatment. The skin tags near the eyelid removal laser treatment consists in selecting the affected area of the skin and carefully treating it with the help of a special device that emits laser beams accurately and solely on the selected area, while also triggering collagen production, and thus permitting the skin to regenerate beautifully, leaving the patient with healthier skin.

The DEKA CO2 eyelid skin tags removal treatment is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure, ensuring the patients satisfying results. If you find yourself in this situation, suffering from harmless, but bothersome skin tags on eyelid, call our Head Office at Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa at 01926 422 454 and benefit from the £1000 offer that includes the specialized consultation, biopsy and the DEKA CO2 eyelid skin tags laser treatment that same day, that is normally £1500. There will be a £250 deposit required to book, and if you agree with the terms, you will then pay the rest of £750 and enjoy the benefits.

Before After Results for DEKA CO2 Laser Treatments