At our Renew Skin and Health Clinic in Leamington Spa, we offer a renowned service in skin lightening and whitening. Skin lightening and whitening is generally sought out to lighten the skin in order to reduce the appearance of blemishes and dark spots. The procedure works by reducing the concentration and/or production of melanin within the skin.

There is no longer a need to focus your efforts on skin bleaching or skin lightening creams. Although some of these treatments may offer temporary results, they can also be very toxic to the skin and body and do not offer the long-lasting, results that are desired.

Dr Jha of Renew Skin and Health Clinic recommends that if you are of an Asian ethnic origin, eastern European or south European such as of an Italian or Spanish heritage with slightly tanned skin as such then you should have a generalised whole body lightening/whitening treatment with products such as glutathione (a super antioxidant) and an intravenous treatment of ascorbic acid (pure vitamin C).

Antioxidants have a profound role in health and diseases in the human body. The human body naturally produces its own glutathione however poor diet, toxins, stress, aging, infections and pollution all deplete your glutathione. With this treatment, not only do you receive the intended benefits of skin lightening but you will also receive an increased boost of glutathione in your body.

Our protocol and cost for the above is highlighted as follows:

Week 1 – IV Glutathione plus IV drip of Ascorbic acid (£200)

Week 2 – IV Glutathione plus IV drip of Ascorbic acid (£200)

Week 3 – IV Glutathione plus IV drip of Ascorbic acid (£200)

Week 4 – IV Glutathione plus IV drip of Ascorbic acid (£200)

Week 5 – IV Glutathione plus IV drip of Ascorbic acid (£200)

Week 6 – IV Glutathione plus IV drip of Ascorbic acid (£200)

These 6 weekly treatments are then followed by one treatment every two weeks for another 6 treatments. At the end of the 12 treatments, one treatment is required every month in order to maintain the results and this can be stretched to longer duration if the desired complexion is achieved.


Generally, once you have completed three months of the above stated treatment, you will notice a change in your general skin tone and colour which will be to a much lighter shade. You may also feel the benefits of glutathione which will boost your immune system and leave you feeling stronger and healthier.

At this point you may also notice some degree of genital lightening/whitening. If your central focus was on genital lightening/whitening, then you may have a further consultation to specifically address this issue and have a specific genital lightening/whitening treatment. Please be aware the genital lightening/whitening treatment is not fully guaranteed but realistically one can only achieve slight change in the shade following genital lightening/whitening treatment.

If you require any more information or would like to book yourself in for a treatment, then please contact us at: 01926 422454. Please do not hesitate to contact us for the best cosmetic results achieved through a three-month treatment of a skin lightening/whitening.