In the pictures below, one can observe really easy the differences between the “before” and “straight after treatment” photo.  In the “before” image, our client’s eyebrows are barely visible, making the face features not very prominent. After undertaking the semi-permanent eyebrow make-up procedure, the frame of our client’s face became more noticeable and her entire appearance has changed for the better. Moreover, one month after the cosmetic semi-permanent make-up for eyebrow definition, our client’s eyebrows still looked natural and gave her a rejuvenated look. 

Semipermament eyebrow make up results Gallery

Semipermament eyebrow make up

The before after images above are results in our clinic for treatments like:
Semipermanent makeup for eyebrow correction in women
Semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo
Semi-permanent make-up for cosmetic purposes
Permanent or semi-permanent make-up?