This video interview with our client targets the pleasant and very comfortable experience she had with our cosmetologist and semipermanent make-up specialist, Our cosmetic specialist for a first session of eyebrow correction and reshaping cosmetic treatment. Due to a previous unsatisfactory and dissatisfying eyebrow correction procedure at another clinic, our client was highly nervous about the results, she herself being a beauty therapist. Nevertheless, her confidence was gained by our cosmetic specialist, through her professional approach and informative discussion during the pre-treatment consultation, which made our client feel at ease and confident in our cosmetic specialist technique and skill in the semi-permanent make-up procedure for eyebrow correction.

The final cosmetic results of the semipermanent cosmetic make-up for eyebrows reshaping and definition met our client’s expectations and she was very pleased with them, thus scheduling the next and finalizing session with our cosmetic specialist. Renew Skin & Health Clinic is a professional medical and cosmetic institution with experienced personnel who offer our clients the best cosmetic treatments and results, the semi-permanent cosmetic make-up for eyebrows correction, being a highly requested procedure here.

Before After Results for Videos