If you have been dreaming about always looking your best with little to no effort and by spending as little time you can concentrating on how perfect the make-up you put on this morning is, not needing to touch it up at all, then the answer to this is the semi-permanent make-up, also known as micropigmentation or smi permanent cosmetic tattoo, and Renew Skin and Health Clinic’s specialist, our cosmetic specialist can help people in Nuneaton find this answer and enjoy the treatment’s benefits.

The semi-permanent make-up is not the same thing as a regular tattoo technique because the pigment is injected at a shallower depth, penetrating only the upper layers of the dermis. The procedure is often called “permanent” due to the pigments’ extended duration, which are generally made of pure, inorganic minerals that are hypoallergenic, emollient and fragrance free and whose color does actually fade away in 2 to 5 years also depending on various factors such as: general health, skin care, prolonged exposure to the sun and individual body chemistry.

The number of people who can benefit from the semi permanent make-up procedure is infinite, because it can also help cancer patients who suffered hair loss during chemotherapy, women, young and old alike, who underwent mastectomies or reconstructive surgery, to create the illusion of areolas and nipples, men who suffer from alopecia or want to mask the effects of slight balding through hair simulation, and the people who need to camouflage scars and correct visual impairments. Basically, the semi permanent cosmetic tattoo or semi permanent make-up procedure helps prevent conventional cosmetics allergies, it can represent a solution for those who have arthritic or unsteady hands and are unable to apply make-up, for those who have light and thin eyelashes and eyebrows and are in need of a fuller and well defined eyelines and lip lines, for those who suffer from hay fever or have watery eyes, etc.

The women who need to spend less time worrying about how they look, can expect from a semi-permanent make-up treatment: a wide range of eyeshadows to choose from, lip coloring for thin or pale lips, that gives the effect of fuller and more appealing lip lines, eyeliner effects and of course super-defined eyebrows. The advantages are numerous: totally water-proof make-up, no more make-up in your handbag, no smudging or running make-up on rainy days, no need to wake up early just to apply make-up, no need to touch up several times a day, not to mention the money you save, and the list goes on.

Contact our Renew Skin and Health Clinic Head Office at 01926 422 454, even if you are from Nuneaton, and if you would like to benefit from a younger and fresher look, while also boosting your self-esteem by looking perfect from the first thing you do in the morning to the last thing you do at night. With the help of our highly qualified specialistand the revolutionary semi-permanent make-up and semi permanent cosmetic tattoo procedures, save time and rid yourself of any unaesthetic feature that bothers you.

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