If you are tired of applying makeup every day only to wipe it all off before going to bed and having to repeat the procedure every given day, we might have just the right solution for you. Women all around the globe look for a simple yet beautiful formal makeup that lasts for a long period of time, doesn’t get smudged and basically improves their appearance making them look sexier, younger and more attractive.

Renew Skin & Health Clinic developed excellent solutions for your cosmetic and aesthetic problems relating to makeup and it brings you the revolutionary semi-permanent cosmetic make up or tattoo, performed by a cosmetic specialist with years of experience and using the best equipment and hypoallergenic pigmentation. With the semi-permanent cosmetic make-up you can touch up your eyebrows, your top and bottom eye lines and your lip contour, basically all the important facial features can benefit from this wonderful cosmetic solution.

The semi-permanent cosmetic make-up is a very simple yet effective cosmetic enhancement of the eyebrows, eye lines and lip lines that brings excellent results if it’s performed at Renew Skin & Health Clinic because we have the best cosmetic specialists and the latest updated cosmetic equipment. If you decide to have a semi-permanent cosmetic make-up procedure you will have to book a consultation where the specialist will listen to your desires and will examine your allergies. The color of the pigment is selected after a detailed consultation with the cosmetic specialist depending on the desired final results and the suggestions made by the expert. Renew Skin & Health Clinic’s objective is to obtain a superior natural appearance with the perfect amount of shading and lining of the eyebrow, eye and lip contours. Using micro-needles, the semi-permanent cosmetic make-up is minimally disturbing and can be performed under minor local anesthesia. The cosmetic specialist will artistically and strategically draw beautiful lines and shades of inorganic pigments made of fragrance-free and emollient-free hypoallergenic minerals. After the semipermanent cosmetic make up procedure the patient might have swollen eyes, eyebrows or lips due to the inserted pigment that will also look darker at first but in a couple of days the skin will heal and the true color will come out with a natural and attractive look. If you are somehow dissatisfied with the final results, the semi-permanent cosmetic make up can be corrected or retouched, especially if you notice that after approximately 6 months post-intervention the pigment fades away.

At Renew Skin & Health Clinic you can obtain beautiful and full eyebrows, excellent top and bottom eyeliner effects and sensual but natural looking lip contour thanks to the amazing work of our experienced cosmetic specialists who capable to perform successful semi-permanent cosmetic make-up that lasts much more than the classical make-up.

Semi-permanent cosmetic make-up lasts long enough to have calm mornings and no worries about your make-up during the day. You too can benefit from this cosmetic procedure especially if you have a busy and active life while having to look astonishing every day.