Tess - Semi-permanent make-up has superior results to classic make-up

Is the semi-permanent make-up or cosmetic tattoo a better alternative to seeing a make-up artist on a regular basis? What advantages does the semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo ensure?

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Answer for Why is the semi-permanent make-up up a better alternative to going to a make-up artist? from Renew Skin Team
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Renew Skin & Health Clinic has a solution which is better than any make-up artist when it comes to make-up. The power of the semi-permanent make-up or semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo consists in its extended durability, lasting for at least two years and its composition which is hypoallergenic, emollient and fragrance-free. This means that if you get cutaneous eruptions from time to time, caused by different cosmetics used in the classical make-up, with the semi permanent make-up and semi permanent cosmetic tattoo you won't encounter any problem. Our cosmetic specialist will restore or enhance your lips with sensuality, your eyebrows will be reconstructed to frame your face beautifully and harmoniously and your eyes will get the attention they need by highlighting them with the eyeliner tattoo. You can already realize that you won't have to visit any make-up artist on a regular basis anymore, because your face will look naturally beautiful and without any need of re-touch, all day and all night, 24/7. This will save you time and more importantly this will save you money, not to mention the space you will save in your bag!
Moreover, if you are in need of covering some imperfections such as scars, you can rely on the semi-permanent make-up or semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo without a worry to camouflage the scars and make your skin look flawless. Even for more serious needs, like a breast reconstruction, the semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo will work wonders from an aesthetic point of view, as you can have your areola re-pigmented and more than this, even a 3D nipple tattoo onto the breast, so your breasts will look as natural as possible.
Renew Skin & Health Clinic together with our cosmetic specialist await you with more information about the semi-permanent make-up and semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo. Feel free to call our Head Office at 01926 422 454 and book a consultation/treatment to experience the amazing results of the semi permanent make-up or semi permanent cosmetic tattoo and enhance your self-confidence through a flawless appearance that you will no longer have to constantly re-touch at a make-up artist's.

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