The moment you notice changes in a mole’s shape, color and size, it is recommended for you to see a specialist. These check-ups of one’s own body must be made on a regular basis at home in order to observe these alterations in due time and treat the eventual complications at an early stage. It is well known that the malignant melanoma is the most easily detectable type of skin cancer that can be completely cured. Renew Skin & Health Clinic recommends these self-examinations and puts at your disposal specialists and dermatologists who can treat these problems using the latest technology and their own vast experience within the field.

Renew Skin & Health Clinic ensures all the necessary steps for a precise and accurate mole diagnosis. Thus, the first consultation you will attend to here will be with one of our GPs who will examine your moles, determining which one of those do not fit within normal parameters and present a higher risk regarding your health. Atypical moles or nevi are visually analyzed by the GP, and if the situation requires it, he/she will make a further referral to a specialist, in this case a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon. Prior to this however, your medical history will also be analyzed, as well as your family’s, as the malignant melanoma can also present genetic causes.

In unfavorable situations when moles seem to be dangerous, the dermatologist will suggest a certain type of biopsy that best suits your condition, as these surgical procedures are also performed according to the type and size of the mole, as well as you own type of skin. Due to our specialists’ experience and professionalism, this type of surgery is painless and fast, the discomfort you may feel and the risks being minimized. And in order to reduce the risks of scarring to an even higher extent, you can resort to a plastic surgeon to perform the surgery.

The tissue samples taken from the skin (a part or the entire mole) will be further sent to a lab where a pathologist will analyze them microscopically, being able to set an accurate histological diagnosis. The data obtained will be attached to your file at Renew Skin & Health Clinic where it will be kept in order for you to check it at any time and to be able to monitor the evolution of your health condition. Our services and standards are of the highest quality and our specialists continuously study new cases, accumulating all the necessary information so that we can be ready for any situation.

Following the biopsy, the dermatologist in charge of your case will give you all the necessary information on the situation so that you too can be well informed about the problem. An entire team of doctors will be involved in the prescription of your treatment, in order to cover all the condition’s aspects and ensure an optimum, efficient treatment and of course a complete recovery. Detected at an early stage, the malignant melanoma can be treated. Even if it’s the case of a benign condition, our specialists’ involvement will be the same. For example, if during the consultation some moles appear suspicious, they will be photographed and these images will be kept in your file for future comparison.

At Renew Skin & Health Clinic your health comes first. If you deal with such a problem, we invite you for a consultation with one of our GPs to find the right solution.