This video presents out Renew Clinic client who undergoes the DEKA CO2 laser seborrheic keratosis removal procedure performed by Dr. Jha. With minimal pain, this dark skin lesion is slowly removed, under the laser beam and its thermal action, disappearing right before your eyes. Our specialist forst destroys the superficial pigmented cells at the margins of the lesion, slowly covering the inner area, in a spiral movement. In about 4 minutes of DEKA CO2 application, the rather large seborrheic keratosis lesion is virtually eliminated, its place being taken by a reddened area, which will heal quickly be forming a scab that will fall off shortly after the procedure.

The advantages of the DEKA CO2 laser seborrheic keratosis are more than obvious, this solution for skin lesions removal being non-surgical, minimally invasive, painless, virtually scarless, requires no downtime and enhances the healing process.