Teens and adolescents are used to having acne as a normal side-effect of hitting puberty. However, adults are not an exception and they too experience skin growths similar to acne. The difference is that among the elderly, this condition is commonly known as sebaceous Hyperplasia.

Despite the fact that it is so similar to acne, sebaceous Hyperplasia must not be confused with acne because it is considered a distinct skin condition and it is regarded as an inflammation of the sebaceous glands. Sebaceous Hyperplasia typically forms on the forehead, nose and cheeks as yellow soft papules, found in clusters or as a single growth. However, these skin growths can also form around the mouth and on the eyelids, back, chest and neck.

This skin affection is harmless and will not progress to a more serious condition. As in most cases, it is just as a cosmetic issue that many people fight to overcome. Its most negative effects are anxiety related to the personal image, a loss of self-confidence and appreciation. At Renew Skin & Health Clinic there are already a generous number of patients who chose to have a Sebaceous Hyperplasia treatment performed with radiosurgery techniques.

The causes of Sebaceous Hyperplasia are still not known but there are some theories which tell us that this skin condition might be related to hormone levels, while other individuals experience a decrease in androgen levels and as a result they develop these sebaceous papules. There is also the possibility for this condition to be hereditary and if one of your family members has had Sebaceous Hyperplasia you might have it too at some point in your life.

Keep in mind that this skin condition does not have to be treated because it doesn’t affect your health but your image about yourself. If you really want to have the sebaceous Hyperplasia removed, you are advised to book a consultation at Renew Skin & Health Clinic’s Head Office and a specialized cosmetic specialist will examine and recommend you a suitable sebaceous Hyperplasia removal treatment.