Both sebaceous hyperplasia and Fordyce Spots are caused by abnormalities of the sebaceous glands, which result in small, unaesthetic growths appearing on the skin, in more or less visible areas. For people in Leicester suffering from these growths, Renew Skin & Health Clinic comes with a highly effective, painless and scarless non-surgical solution, namely the sebaceous hyperplasia removal laser treatment and the Fordyce spots removal laser treatment.

Sebaceous hyperplasia has as main symptoms the development of small yellowish growths that usually appear on the face, but can also manifest on the chest, genitalia, upper arms and areola of the nipples, in single or multiple formations. Although harmless, sebaceous hyperplasia can get scratched or bleed and get infected, and all these, besides the unaesthetic appearance, which is why they require removal. The sebaceous hyperplasia removal laser treatment in Leicester performed with the revolutionary pulse dye laser will destroy the targeted cells from within, causing no harm to the adjacent healthy tissues, which is an excellent solution for the sensitive areas, both in terms of pain and scarring.

Fordyce spots are small, raised white, yellowish or pink coloured bumps appearing on the genitalia and vermillion part of the lips. These are in fact ectopic sebaceous glands, nevertheless, they do not pose any threats to your health. They are asymptomatic, have no connection to persona, hygiene and cannot be transmitted sexually. Being just a cosmetic issue, Fordyce spots do not necessarily require removal, however, many individuals presenting Fordyce spots opt for a removal treatment due to various social reasons. Again, the pulse dye laser therapy can ensure safe, fast, painless and scarless elimination with the Fordyce spots removal laser treatment in Leicester.

All you need to know about these two cosmetic laser procedures will be discussed with you during a consult that will take place prior the sebaceous hyperplasia or Fordyce spots removal laser treatment in Leicester. Your medical history and current health condition will also be assessed so that our specialists at Renew Skin & Health Clinic can determine if this is the right procedure for you, if you are an eligible candidate and eliminate any other conditions and potential risks or side-effects.

The Fordyce spots removal or sebaceous hyperplasia removal sessions are quick and painless, being performed under the effect of a local anesthetic. Scarring is minimal to none and the healing process is enhanced significantly due to the thermal effect of the laser’s energy on the skin and the process of destruction of the targeted cells within these skin growths.

People suffering from these unaesthetic sebaceous glands irregularities can now contact our Renew Skin & Health Clinic Head Office and schedule an appointment for the sebaceous hyperplasia laser removal treatment in Leicester or the Fordyce spots removal laser treatment in Leicester. Your flawless skin and restored self-esteem are one call away!