People from Worcester can now benefit from the professional medical and cosmetic services available at Renew Skin & Health Clinic concerning the minor surgery procedures for the effective and safe removal of lipomas and sebaceous cysts or other unsightly dermatological and problematic skin growths.

Lipomas are accumulation of fat cells in thin, fibrous capsules located between the skin and the first layer of muscles. They are small, movable, with a rubbery consistency, painless and can rarely increase their size, usually remaining at the same time for years, or sometimes even disappearing on their own. However, even if lipomas are noncancerous skin growths, they can suffer infections and become highly unaesthetic and bothersome, presenting some distinctive symptoms: pain, tenderness, foul-smelling discharge, interfere with movement of function and increase in size over short periods of time. The moment these symptoms appear, we recommend you to see a doctor for treatment.

Sebaceous cysts are skin growths similar to lipomas, only that they are filled with keratin and are caused by swollen hair follicles, impaired sebaceous glands or skin injury. They are noncancerous skin growth and generally asymptomatic, however, in some situations they may suffer infections and present pain, tenderness, redness and foul-smelling discharge, when you should have them checked by a doctor as they can develop complications and become highly bothersome, not to mention unsightly.

Our Renew Skin & Health Clinic fully qualified practitioners and consultant surgeons can ensure effective, safe and painless minor surgical procedures for the complete removal of skin growths such as lipomas and sebaceous cysts. In the case of suspicious skin growths, our private dermatologist may recommend their complete removal through minor surgical excision, which will also enable for the lipoma or sebaceous cyst to be sent for further analysis in a lab, to rule out any other skin conditions that may resemble these skin growths. If the lipomas or sebaceous cysts are rather small and not problematic, they may be surgically removed using a shave biopsy-like procedure, which implies scrapping off the skin growth. Both minor surgery treatments are carried out under local anesthetic, being thus painless, and although the excision procedure requires stitches, our specialists’ expertise will provide minimal scarring.

Schedule a consultation by simply contacting us at our Renew Skin & Health Clinic headquarters, even if you are from Worcester and we will take care of the rest. During the consultation, our GP or private dermatologist will assess your medical history and current health condition to rule out any possible risks or complications and be able to ensure optimum results for you. Do not let lipomas or sebaceous cysts become a reason for distress! For more contact information, please go to our Contact Page.