Angiokeratoma of Fordyce is a benign skin condition that consists of elevated lesions of the colors red, blue, purple or black. This type of genital skin condition typically affects the genital area, mostly in men, and those who present such skin lesions on the scrotum often look for a professionally performed Angiokeratoma of Fordyce removal treatment. At Renew Skin & Health Clinic, our experienced cosmetic specialists are prepared to perform scrotal skin tags removal with different treatment methods such as excision and cryotherapy or the more recommended forms of therapy such as CO2 laser ablation and electrodessication with radiosurgery.

If you want to benefit from a scrotal skin tag removal under private treatment at Renew Skin & Health Clinic it’s important to establish if the genital lesions are indeed Fordyce angiokeratomas, benign skin lesions that can safely be removed. Genital skin bumps and scrotal skin tags are fleshy growths that appear around the scrotum and they come in several different shapes and colors, including wrinkled or smooth textures, in dark or light colors. Most of these scrotal skin tags are harmless vascular lesions on the scrotum that form in sporadic lesions or grouped in one concentrated area and can even attach to the skin differently, from flat to elevated types. Although benign, these scrotal skin tags often need removal because if damaged or abraded, bleeding may occur and the patient suffers great discomfort. Since the causes of angiokeratomas are still unclear, it’s hard to establish why do such skin conditions appear in the most intimate body areas.

At Renew Skin & Health Clinic, you can undergo private treatments for scrotal skin tags removal with laser therapy or electrodessication with radiosurgery, which are minimally invasive, painless and efficient treatment methods. However, in order to establish a professional diagnosis, the patient must schedule a consultation at Renew Skin & Health Clinic in order to have the affected area examined. During the consultation, a skin biopsy may be performed to confirm diagnosis and rule out other skin conditions. If the diagnosis turns out to be the Angiokeratoma of Fordyce, the cosmetic specialists will guide you in choosing the best treatment options for a safe and effective scrotal skin tag removal. The radiosurgery treatment for genital lesions removal consists in the electrodessication of the genital skin bumps under local anesthesia during a short and safe in-office intervention. After such a treatment performed by the best cosmetic specialist available at Renew Skin & health Clinic, the patient will regain its flawless looking skin and get rid of any discomforts associated with the scrotal skin tags.

Depending on your skin condition, the severity of the scrotal skin tags and your medical history, our doctor specialist at Renew Skin & Health Clinic will advise you to follow one of the available private treatment methods namely, CO2 laser technique, cryotherapy and radiosurgery private treatment for angiokeratoma removal.