If you live in Stratford upon Avon and you are interested in a professional consultation regarding an unaesthetic scar, Renew Skin and Health Clinic is the best place for you. Our clinic has one of the most experienced cosmetic surgeons who is more than qualified to offer you an efficient scar removal and acne scar removal treatment.

Scars are a natural response of the body during the healing process following a trauma or an injury of the skin. Depending on the area where they are located, they can be almost invisible or they can have an unpleasant aspect which makes people feel uncomfortable.

Our cosmetic surgeons can offer you many options to get rid of the unwanted scars. Among these treatments there is the cosmetic concealment of scars, laser treatment, hyaluronic acid dermal fillers and chemical peeling to remove the affected upper layers of the skin. All of these scar revision procedures offered by Renew Skin & Health Clinic are fast and efficient. However, in order to receive the scar improvement treatment that suits you best, you should immediately contact our specialist cosmetic surgeons who are always available to provide you with information and decide upon the best type of treatment after a prior consult, which also establishes if you are an ideal candidate for any of the acne scar removal or body scar removal treatments available at our cosmetic centre.

Renew Skin and Health Clinic now provides incredible laser skin resurfacing treatment with the aid of the innovative Deka SmartXide Fractional CO2 Laser device, the product of very exciting new developments in medical laser technology. The CO2 laser therapy is highly effective not only for acne scar removal, but also for stretch markes removal, melasma removal and large pores correction for safe and quick skin resurfacing with excellent cosmetic results.The greater precision, adaptability and control allowed by the Deka SmartXide Fractional CO2 Laser means a superior aesthetic result, a shorter recovery period and a far less painless process. 

In terms of dermal fillers, our clinic uses Restylane to correct fine lines and deep folds of any kind, but it is especially used as a solution for acne scars. Other scar revision treatments include chemical peeling, a highly efficient procedure by which a chemical solution is applied to improve the texture of the skin by removing the damaged upper layers; the IPL laser treatment was also proven to have a positive effect on scar tissue; the redness and swelling is reduced and the scar gets smoother and softer.

If you desire to conceal you scars by undergoing a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo procedure, Renew Skin and Health Clinic has the best cosmetic surgeons and beauty specialists who know what the best way to conceal scars is and to tailor the procedure according to your individual needs.

Regardless of the type of scar you might present, our cosmetic surgeons from Renew Skin and Health Clinic can offer you a consultation and provide you with an appropriate scar removal or scar improvement treatment. You can always require for our assistance if you want to improve the aspect of your skin and have a healthy life, so we encourage people in Stratford upon Avon to contact our Renew Skin & Health Clinic Head Office and schedule an appointment with one of our specialists regarding these scar and acne scar removal procedures that are safe, quick and highly efficient!